I Had My Face Put On A T-Shirt, Turns Out I'm a Sassy Kitty - That Cheap Bitch

I Had My Face Put On A T-Shirt, Turns Out I’m a Sassy Kitty

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Obsessed with this shirt dress from H&M. You may argue that it is not a shirt dress at all, but you know how I feel about pants.
Also this jacket, which was given to me as a gift from a relative. Thanks Linda 🙂

Overall, the tights (CLICK IT AND YOU CAN BUY THEM! WHOA), dress, shoes, lipstick ,and jacket cost $66.49.

And yes, I do shop at Kohl’s and Payless Shoes. And I look f**king great. #cheapbitch #catz #hashtagsareworthlessonwordpress


Look how f**king urban and trendy I am on this roof.



This post is just for vanity, mostly.

You can hype this on LookBook.nu if you love me. OMG CLYK THIS LYNK!!!

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