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No-Sew DIY: The T-Skirt

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Are you a DIY dunce like myself? Have you tried to figure out how to use a sewing machine to no avail? Were you the only kid in grade school that just could not figure out how to make a GOD DAMN PAPER CRANE?! Well take a deep breath, chill the f*** out, grab a pair of scissors and let Sheri Pavlovic, the DIY extraordinaire at Confessions of a Refashionista, teach you how to make cool sh** without the tears. 

No? Just me? I’m the only grown adult that cries when my fingers get stuck together with superglue? Okay. Well. Moving on. 

The T-Skirt: A No-Sew DIY

Need a super fast thrifty solution for those chilly end-of-summer days? Get your layer on with my no-sew mini!
T-skirt 2

Step one: Snag a t-shirt about the same width as your hips, scissors & a safety pin

T-skirt Step 1

Step two: Chop straight across the t-shirt below the underarm seams

T-skirt Step 2

Step three: Slice off a strip from the raw edge

T-skirt Step 3

Step four: Stretch out the sliced strip (it will roll up), chop the loop to create a single long piece & pop the safety pin through one end

T-skirt Step 4

Step five: Cut 2 small holes in the center of the first layer of the hemmed edge of your t-shirt bottom

T-skirt Step 5

Step 6: Feed the saftey pin & t-shirt strip in one hole, all the way around the hem and out the other hole

T-skirt Step 6

Step 7: Tie a knot in each end et voila! You now have a fancy new drawstring skirt perfect for layering!

T-skirt Step 7

T-skirt 3

Have any great n0-sew DIY tips? Let us know in the comments!