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eShakti Review: They Gave Me A Free Dress And Here’s What I Think About It

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

A few weeks back, I got an email from a media relations employee at, offering me a free custom-made dress in exchange for a review post.  I was told I could write whatever I wanted in whatever style, as long as I linked to their social media sites. There was a pretty wide variety of tops, skirts, and dresses I could choose from, and it would be made to fit my exact measurements. If you think this cheap bitch (me) is going to turn down a free custom dress for the sake of journalistic integrity, you should probably never read this site again. Don’t need y’all anyway.

eShakti is a company that specializes in making custom sized dressed and sells them at an affordable price, if we’re talking custom made clothes.

Instead of logically thinking, “what would be a useful and versatile piece to add to my wardrobe?” like a productive adult, I immediately chose the most expensive option available to me. The dress is typically $140. It’s a formal, vintage style, emerald dress. Over the satin-esque fabric is a sheer black netting with green and blue applique flowers. But why read a description of the dress when you can look at me pose dramatically on my roof, as per usual?


I’ll tell you a secret… I was looking at nothing.

When I ordered the dress, I was required to put my measurements in the order form. When it arrived, I stared at it a lot. I was all, THIS DRESS IS AN EXACT FORM OF MY BODY WTF THIS IS SO STRANGE BUT AWESOME. Even though it’s pretty ornate, I wore it to my very casual work place. What’s the point of owning a custom-fit dress if you don’t wear it? So I felt like a pretty pretty princess sitting at my desk all day.

I’m not only cheap, but I’m also lazy. As soon as I saw this dress I was depressed about having to hand wash it in the future. I looked at the washing directions to confirm, only to find it’s machine washable, WUUUUUT WUUUT.

The dress is made out of 100% polyester, but the fabric doesn’t feel or look synthetic. A friend of mine who sews thought it was made of a much more expensive fabric that I forget the name of. Ha! Three cheers for fooling people!


The dress is gorgeous, but there’s one thing that bothers me about it. At the top of the bust, where the opaque part of the dress ends, there’s an elastic band to hold the dress firmly to your chest. This creates some wrinkles that I can’t get rid of around my tatas. IMO, the elastic makes the otherwise classy dress look cheap. Had I paid the full $140, I probably would have been pissed off. But alas, FREE!

Despite the slight issue I have with the elastic, I’ll probably use this free dress as an excuse to buy more from them. If I got an $140 dollar dress for free, then I saved $140 dollars, so I can spend another hunk of cash on more custom made stuff… right? That’s science.

I am a very lucky lady in the sense that I’ve never had much trouble finding clothes that fit me. If you are someone that has an issue with generic sizes, eShakti  has some very reasonably priced apparel. Their sundresses ran for an average of about $60, which is comparable to the price points at higher end fast fashion stores like Anthropologie or Zara. If wonky sizes tends to be an issue for you, you might as well go straight for eShakti and skip a miserable mall trip.

The item also shipped quickly and was ready to wear straight out of the box. No ironing.

But here’s the thing that’s f**king cool about eShakti. Their mission statement: “at eShakti, we never want to tell a woman her size is not available. We believe that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best.” Me too, eShakti.

P.S. my hair is purple now.

P.S. my hair is purple now.

I’m waiting for the day I get an invitation to a wedding or a formal event where I can steal the attention away from the people who really deserve it with this dress.

And here’s their social media links if you want to follow them and buy their cool stuff.

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  • I love yours! I just received mine and I love it. This dress looks amazing on you!!

    • Thanks! They must have done a massive social push because I’ve seen so many people with posts like this

  • I think you look gorgeous in your dress, be it a bit awkward in the chest region hahaha…I also really approve of your scientific thinking about now having $140 to spend!

  • Love it! I am eagerly awaiting my own eShakti dress in the mail and I cannot wait! I also totally almost went for the black & red version of this dress, but decided that since I never go anywhere fancy, I wanted a dress I could wear lots instead 😉

    • I saw the black and red one! So cute. Seriously eShakti is giving away so many dresses, hahaha. But hey! Good for us!

  • Jill Firns

    You. Are. Hysterical.
    I received the same offer last fall from eShakti, but somehow the dress didn’t fit well at all! I mean, I was going to the gym and all, but I’m not sure my body changed that much in the two weeks it took for the dress to get to me.
    However, this dress is amazing on you!!! Yes, it’s dressy, but the funky accents make it easy to wear for all occasions! Nice one!

    • Thanks Jill! It’s definitely my Christmas/Easter/Wedding/Dressy occasion dress for the rest of forever.