Friday, September 26th, 2014

by Sheri Pavlović (the DIY Diva behind Confessions of a Refashionista)

Raise your hand if you’re a suicide blonde…or redhead…or brunette…or any other not-found-naturally-on-your-head color.

For over 20 years my hair color has changed at least 3 times a year, usually from blonde to red to auburn and eventually, back to blonde.

Anyone who has ever attempted to go from dyed, dark hair to bombshell blonde has experienced the dreaded orange “with yellow accents” clown hair. I have had RonaldMcDonald red head more times than I care to admit. But a few years ago I came up with a plan that takes my dark hair to honey blonde without suffering from elastic ends or straw dryness!

And so I present my 2 day hair journey to honey blonde:

With a few cheap products & a bit of patience, you too can be a gorgeous blonde in a mere 48 hours!

First, ensure that your hair is in good condition. The first step will kill your hair if it’s already dry, damaged and break-y. I have crazy thick long hair that is treated to fancy  hair conditioning masks once a week to keep the dries away. It had been colored copper red and highlighted for 8 months, then covered with mahogany brown prior to this dye job. It was actually much darker than the pic reveals.

Grab a box or 2 of hair bleach. One box is never enough to cover all of my hair.

Apply to your hair from ends to roots. You will instantly see & smell it working.

Pile your reeking hair on top of your head

and cover with a stylish shower cap. Wait for 30 minutes – you may go cross-eyed from the stench.

Jump in the shower, rinse and condition the crap out of your now orange hair.

Apply your fave leave-in treatment(s) & get a good night’s sleep.

Wake up with a rat’s nest of orange & yellow hair. Boo.

Time to de-clown! The safest solution for my hair has always been to ash it up with a double dose of Viking!  Ash colour contains violet and thus cancels out the orange.

I lurv loreal colors. They’re lovely to apply and come with a huge tube of treatment conditioner, plus gloves that actually fit lady hands!

Rockin’ blonde bombshell? Why absolutely my dears!

Quick tip: invest a bit more and get yourself some violet shampoo. Marketed for grey & blonde hair, use it once every week or 2 to keep brassiness away.

The total cost (in Berlin): 48 hours + 2 boxes of bleach + 2 boxes of colour + 1 bottle of shampoo = a mere €20.65. ($26.53 in American dollars.)

Definitely worth it!

You may still have some bits of light orange throughout your locks but fear not it will fade soon enough. Any remaining orange will vanish when you dye your roots in another 2 – 4 weeks.

Remember: blonde hair is a tad high maintenance…ya gotta do those roots and depending on how fast your hair grows you may be having a little bathroom beauty party twice a month!