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Manic Panic Magic Eraser: Remove Manic Panic Without Dye

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

This summer, after much deliberation, I bleached my hair for the purpose of dying it fun pastel colors.

The most common question I get from strangers about my hair is, “how long does it last?” Not considering that most people want their hair color to last for as long as possible, I always answer happily, “not long at all!” to their dismay. That’s because I like to change my hair color as often as possible.

But my love for a new color of the rainbow every 2 weeks was squelched by Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise. When I dyed my hair Cotton Candy Pink, the color faded back to blonde in about a week. Atomic Turquoise was much more stubborn.

The day I dyed my hair Atomic Turquoise. Oooooo, aaaaaahhh.

The day I dyed my hair Atomic Turquoise. Oooooo, aaaaaahhh.

18 days after I dyed my hair it was a dull, grayish, bluish greenish yellow shade. Not a good look.

18 days after I dyed my hair it was a dull, grayish, bluish greenish yellow shade. Not a good look.

I searched the interwebz for tips on how to remove Manic Panic. It seemed every frustrated dye-hard had the most trouble getting rid of this specific color. Many recommended a soap cap, a.k.a. mixing a little bleach with your shampoo to get the color out quickly. But I was afraid of damaging my hair, since it’s already bleached.  Other suggestions included washing your hair with Head & Shoulders, as something in it’s chemical makeup gets the color out faster than regular shampoo. Another suggestion was washing your hair with baking soda.

So I decided to mix up a simple concoction of Head & Shoulders shampoo plus baking soda. My very scientific calculations went like this:


It’s a very official formula. Don’t screw it up.

Every time I showered, I rinse-washed-repeated with this mix. I guess you could pre-mix it and put it in a bottle, but I legit just mixed it up in my hand in the shower. I washed my hair two or three times each shower, and then covered my it with Clairol Shimmering Lights shampoo. It’s made to clear dull yellow hues out of your hair. I followed the directions on the back of the bottle, which suggest washing it like you normally would once, then rinsing, reapplying and leaving it on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinsing again.


This is the big bottle, but I bought a much smaller bottle for around $7 back when I bleached it.

After washing my hair about four or five times, I used Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser conditioner to restore all the good stuff I rinsed down the drain. This conditioner is the sh**. I was very concerned after bleaching my hair that I was going to have fried locks, but I’ve been using this conditioner with every wash, and I’ve never had a problem with dryness or breakage.


And it smells delicious. Don’t eat it though. That’s my professional advice.

Six days later, my hair was back to it’s platinum blonde beauty, and soft as a baby’s butt too.

Say hello to my stylish good friend from high school, Anna!

Say hello to my stylish good friend from high school, Anna!

Do you have any tips for removing temporary hair color? Let me know in the comments.

  • The blue looked really awesome, and I really enjoyed this post! Parts of me regret dying my hair black because I’ll never be able to color it awesome colors wahhhh.

    • Thanks! I had wanted to bleach my hair for about a year before I actually did it, because I was so nervous! I love that I can dye it fun colors, I’d recommend it to anyone 🙂

  • Grace

    There’s a thing called Color Oops for that sort of thing, but I don’t know how well it works and it’s over $10 (noooope). However, super cheap shampoo is usually so bare bones and harsh that it pulls out most colorant pretty quickly, which is why there’s a market for super fancy color-stay shampoos. Or if you can get your hands on Prell shampoo, it’ll do it. If it can strip the wax from floors, it’ll get any fun colors out of your hair. Just slime in some cholesterol, olive oil, or coconut oil after using anything harsh and it will help with keeping it from getting too fried.

    • I went to get some Color Oops and it said it doesn’t work on dyes like this! I didnt even totally understand the language but it specifically said pinks, purples, blues. Prell strips wax from floors?! Jesus.

  • Joshualyn

    hey there! so 2 days ago i bleached my hair and toned it with ash blonde. i originally have black hair so my roots had grown out a lot. the rest of my hair was still a blonde. after the whole process my roots were yellowy and brassy. so the next day i went to sallys and bought manic panic. i used 4 ounces of that and mixed it with 4 ounces of white conditioner. i was only supposed to leave it in my hair for 30 minutes or so just to take out the yellow brassiness of my roots but i fell asleep and it had been left on my hair for 3 hours. so now i have purplish hair. some areas are pastelly and others are a lot more purple. i really don’t want the purple hair and want to wash it out. wondering if you could give me some advice? (: i’d be happy to send u a pic of my hair (:

    • emilywp

      I’d just suggest using dandruff shampoo mixed with baking soda!!! Or go get it fixed by a pro.

  • Are you sure it was the product combination and not just the results of shampooing 18ish times in six days?

    • Jocelyn Meyer

      My hair has been stuck in the same dull blue for weeks, I assure you it wasn’t removed simply from washing it 18x. I’ve surely washed my hair 30+ times and it hasn’t budged, not one bit.

  • justthetruth

    Thanks for the tip. I dyed my 6 yr old daughter’s hair pink from manic. I want it gone by the time we go to Maui. I hope this works. Her pinks not budging.

    • Gina

      Why are you dying a 6 year olds hair pink with manic panic!? What happened to hair chalk & aerosol sprays that wash out!?

      • CaliforniaQueen

        I was told that it’s temporary. “10 washes.”

        • Shannon Flanigan

          did you have any luck? if not try dawn dish washing liquid and scrub the heck out of it but make sure you condition well.. it got the hot hot pink out my kids hair almost completely in two washes

          • CaliforniaQueen

            I didn’t have any luck. It took a few months, but now it’s completely gone. If there is ever a “next time,” I’ll try the dawn liquid dish soap. That stuff is great for many things!

        • Gina

          Lol so was I, that’s why I’m researching

          • CaliforniaQueen

            The question did come off as rude. It’s ok though. My daughters alive and well.

          • Gina

            It may have came off as rude. But if I was being rude I wouldve said a lot more than why are you using manic panic on a 6 year olds hair to be honest.. I didn’t think your daughter wouldn’t be alive and well but thanks for letting me know that.

          • Lars

            Lolol. Why do you care anyways, you don’t know her kid. She prob wanted pink hair. Geez, acting like she served her a double margarita.

          • Gina

            Lol and why do you care…

          • Lars

            Just browsing through and your comment just seemed kinda excessive lol. Manic panic isn’t toxic, which leads me to believe you were morally disgusted by a 6 yr old with pink hair.. But why?.. meh just sayin

          • Gina

            Did I say I was disgusted..? Nope.
            And if you read it you will have seen I asked about chalk and aerosols for the 6 year olds hair, so if that seems like I’m disgusted – sure!

          • Lars

            Ok not “disgusted” then- morally appalled..? Who knows.

          • Gina

            Erm, me, I know!
            Did I say morally appalled? No.
            I asked why was a 6 year old getting their hair dyed with manic panic (something that is ‘usually’ for adults).
            And what happened to chalk and aerosols that wash out (very easily, a lot easier than a semi permanent hair colour.)
            Was actually a genuine question, but hey, if you want to assume I’m disgusted or morally appalled then feel free chic!

          • rebeque cady

            @georginawinters:disqus My gawd! Shut up! You are one of those people who do not have the common sense to know when to shut yer trap. Judgmental and stupid. Perfect.

          • Gina

            For asking a question? Ok then!

          • rebeque cady

            You are proving my point. I dare you not reply. Third grade or not it’s worth a shot.

      • glitterpenis

        Why are you being so judgy??

        • Gina

          So I’m being ‘judgy’ for asking a question. Ok then..

  • Petra

    I just removed my concoction of manic panic After Midnight (dark blue) and Ion Brights Canteloupe by crushing 8 1000 mg vitamin c pills and mixing with shampoo. I mixed it with my violet shampoo (for blondes to keep away the yellow and gold tones) as well as some Suave rosemary mint shampoo. I applied it to damp hair and lathered it then put on my shower cap and let it on for an hour. (FYI my hair is a very short pixie cut so adjust measurements as needed for length) Then I rinsed and conditioned. All my color (a pale turquoise) Came out except a few spots I clearly missed.

  • so you repeated the process six times until it came out? because I just recently dyed my hair a VERY diluted version of rockabilly blue and I’m already really tired of it, and I’ve been shampooing my hair twice every night (I usually only wash it every other day with one shampoo). It is starting to fade but tonight I decided to mix baking soda with not color safe shampoo and I shampooed my hair three times with that (the first time I let it sit for 15 minutes). It hardly made a difference (it looks kind of like your second picture but my hair was a bit lighter to start off with).

    • but maybe the combination of head and shoulders and baking soda will actually work

  • christina

    So I needed to fade my hair for a job that needs natural hair colors, so far, i only did this once, and my hair, which is a faded rockabilly blue manic panic (still pretty bright) on the top (i normally wash my scalp. not my ends.) and a VIBRANT blue that was stubborn on the ends, i just mixed it, applied to my hair, scrubbed until my hands hurt, and put a plastic bag on it for about 30 minutes, washed out, and let dry. only one application and the top faded to a greyish color on the top (i have “scene” bangs, so by top, i mean my fringe) and my ends turned a really pretty aqua marine color. I didn’t actually expect it to be faded this much though in one application. so although it left my hair pretty dry, it didnt give me any breakage or split ends, so i’m going to do this for a while, if you want an honest review, i got ya. Thank you so much for posting!

  • chelsea

    you can remove temporary color with “clear” permananent hair color and 30 volume developer you can get at sallys beauty supply.

  • gracelou0717

    Has anybody tried this on non bleached hair? My sister has a natural dark blonde color, And we dyed it manic panic’s Atomic Turquoise, Without realizing that it wouldn’t just fade away like it claims to. And She doesnt want to cut it out, Would this strip the natural color?

  • Tara O’Shea

    Head and shoulders with baking soda mixed in equal parts has worked for me to get color to fade out as much as possible, followed by a conditioning treatment. Of course, these things do not happen overnight; I went from black and blue to platinum blonde in 2/3 months.
    On a totally random note, you are my doppelganger. Can we Selfie together?

  • Hollis Miller

    I put Manic Panic vampire red in my daughters hair 6 months ago. It’s faded but still there. She wants her hair back to blonde but I am wary to try anything to strong on her hair. I used Manic Panic because it was “temporary” and it did not have chemicals. I’ll give this a try.

    • April Bird

      Did it work? I am having trouble getting vampire red out as well 🙁

  • Morgan Brown

    THIS!!! MP Atomic Turquoise faded into just about the ugliest color and I was desperately trying to get it out using various methods but it wouldn’t budge then I found this and it worked wonders so THANK YOU 🙂 Only things I did differently was use Head and Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioner combo which I think helped some of the strain on my hair. I also went pretty heavy on the baking soda and left it on for several minutes at a time anddd washed ~4-6 times per shower, everyday. Also because I was super eager/anxious to get it out I added Vitamin C treatments every other day. It was a lot but I made sure to condition really well and notice no negative effects to my hair. It came out completely within about a week. Once again thank youuuuuu <3