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This Is A No-Sew T-Shirt DIY That Isn’t A Crop Top

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Literally every single t-shirt, no-sew DIY on the internet is a crop top. This one isn’t. It can be if you want it to be! But, that’s stupid. I mean it’s almost November. Do you live in Florida or L.A.? Then you’re allowed to make it a crop top. If not, that’s just silly. This is my blog so what I say goes.

A few days ago my lovely roommate Kristen, who subscribes to Loot Crate,  gave me this Halloween, unisex graphic t-shirt with a skull on it. But when you look closer, THE SKULL IS MADE OF PICTURES OF CATS! Mind blown. Kristen knew I love me some cat t-shirts and handed it over.


The shirt was a little bit big, so I scoured the internet for an easy way to make it look sleek that required no sewing. And when I think “sleek,” I don’t think t-shirt with the sleeves and bottom portion cut off. So a surfer-girl, sixteen-year-old-with-the-abs-of-a-spartan-boy crop top wasn’t going to fly.

So here’s how I created a tie-front, regular ol’ length top our of a baggy unisex t-shirt. I slightly modified this tutorial, so hey gurl haaaay thanks for helping me out.

First, I put the shirt on and marked with a Sharpie where I wanted it to cut off. I chose right where my jeans ended. Since the shirt was black, I couldn’t see the mark very well. When I was ready to snip, I made a tiny cut with an x-acto knife so I could see my cut-off point more clearly.

tie-front-tee-step-1I folded the shirt in half and measured five inches away from the fold.

halloween-cat-tee-diy-step-2I cut the t-shirt bottom off, until I hit the end of my measuring tape.

halloween-cat-tee-diy-step-3Then I cut down, towards the bottom of the shirt in a straight line from the end point of my first cut.


The fabric left attached to your shirt will become the ties. Measure one inch away from the fold of the shirt. Starting at the fold, cut to the end of the measuring tape.


Cut in a straight line towards the bottom of the shirt once again.


You’ll be left with a “tail” on the of your shirt. Cut the outside edges (away from the fold) into a rounded shape.


Here’s your result! Now you’ll need to cut off the extra fabric from the back. Flip the front part of the ties up to avoid cutting into your ties.


Now cut that sh** off.


Measure about one inch from the top of your ties. Cut a rounded square into top, to leave room for your knot to sit.


Make it look like this, because I’m the queen of everything and I told you to.


Now tie it up, tuck it in, do yo thang and be proud of yourself for not totally screwing it up. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t.