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Do You “Beat Your Face?” The Latest Beauty Slang Term

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

The general population has been stealing a lot of slang terms from drag queens lately. From “throwing shade,” to “serving realness,” we ladies love our gay slang, apparently. It makes sense: when something starts to get trendy, first you see it on the gays, and then it moves into sassy lady closets. That’s just science. So do you “beat your face?” Or are you unknowingly participating?

In the drag queen world, to “beat your face” means to put on a large amount of makeup to contour your face. It’s f**king magic, guys. Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race star Vivienne Pinay transform into a supermodel right in front of your eyes in this video.

But drag queens aren’t the only one’s participating in this intense makeup routine. Contouring is HUGE in the beauty blogger community, made popular by big stars like Kim Kardashian.

But when it comes to cisgenered ladies (being real PC with y’all) and not drag queens, is “beating your face” considered a negative thing?  There’s certainly a negative connotation that comes with wearing a lot of makeup, and contouring gets a bad rap for being “fake.” A lot of this comes back to the opinions of dudes, of course, suggesting that wearing makeup is, in a way, lying about your appearance. STOP IT WITH THE TRICKERY, LADIES! Don’t make men think you’re pretty when you’re not!!!

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JK, that was sarcasm. I think you should do whatever makes you comfortable. #Feminism. BUT, in my personal opinion, contouring and “beating your face” is just another way the INSANE standards of beauty effect women. You do you though, gurlz. I’m personally not a fan of wearing a lot of makeup. I feel more comfortable walking out of the house without makeup than I would with some Vivienne Pinay style beating.

What are your opinions on contouring? Let me know in the comments.

GIF source: MTV

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