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I Burned My Scalp With Hair Dye, Here’s What I Did After

Monday, November 24th, 2014

I love being blonde. I also love being pink and purple and blue and any other color that crosses my mind. But in order to get pastel colored hair you also need Marilyn Monroe’s bleached blonde locks. This past weekend, I went to a hair school to get my hair re-bleached, and it was a painful fiasco that’s left me with what feels like a bad sunburn on my scalp.  My limited experience with chemical burns thus far: not fun.


I’m good at smiling. 

Here’s a summary of how sh** went down. I went in without a picture of what I wanted the color to look like. My hair was still pretty blonde on the ends, though the roots had pretty much taken over. I pointed to the blonde part of my hair and said “I want this color but would be open to going a little bit lighter.” The student showed me a swatch labeled “natural beige blonde” and suggested that was the shade I wanted. I corrected him and pointed to the shade called “extra light blonde.” We seemed to be on the same page and he started the color process. Then he rinsed the dye from my hair, and the chaos began. Rather than a lighter shade platinum blonde, I had strawberry blonde locks, quite a bit darker than what I asked for.

Cue me being told it was my fault I didn’t clarify I wanted bleach and not color. To which I was like, “no.” Because I’m not the hairstylist, y’all should be able to figure out whether or not you need bleach or not when I showed you the exact color I wanted my head to be, because it was ALREADY ON MY HEAD. But, hair school. I knew this was a possibility.

The teacher directed the student to mix up bleach for my hair. He applied the bleach, and the burning I felt was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I was shaking, pacing, grabbing at my face and asking every 2 minutes if they could rinse it off yet. In the moment I wasn’t thinking “this could potentially burn my scalp” because I can’t say I’ve ever had to consider the possibility of chemical burns before, and it didn’t cross my mind. I was thinking “I need to get through this because I want white blonde hair.”

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and the stylist rinsed it off. Even after it was completely rinsed out, my head was still burning. They applied bleach again, avoiding the scalp. When the burning died down, they applied a sensitive skin formula of bleach that didn’t burn and put me under a heater.

Overall, I was at the hair school from 9am to 2:30pm. I left with gorgeous white blonde hair, a tender scalp, and a brain full of nerves because I was like, “there’s probably a chance my hair is going to fall out.”

After 5 hours passed and a still tingly head, I reached out to two of my hairdresser friends (thanks Kathryn and Brittany). Taking their advice, I learned a few things about proper hair bleaching and how to take care of a tender, chemically burned scalp.

You should never do that many color processes in a day.

I think this one is pretty much common knowledge. I trusted my hair stylist, even though they were a student… but I probably should have said “f**k it” and come back another time for the bleach process.

Don’t use heat with bleach lightener.

The lovely Kathryn told me that using bleach with heat is a bad, bad idea. If my stylist suggests using heat with bleach again, I’ll say “no thanks.” I’ve had it bleached without heat before, so I know it’s possible.

Don’t wash your hair before an intense process.

I washed my hair the night before, and there were no natural oils to protect my scalp from the chemicals. Skip out on washing your hair before getting it dyed.

After the damage was done, here’s what I did: 

1. Treat your scalp like a regular burn.

I bought aerosol Aloe Vera from Rite Aid for around $9. I lifted up sections of my hair and sprayed it onto my scalp.


2. Don’t wash your hair for a few days.

Let your scalp chill out and rebuild it’s natural oils. You can rinse with cold water to remove product buildup, but don’t use shampoo. I’ve always been an every day hair-washer, but this experience may change my habits forever. To avoid rinsing out too much good stuff, I’ve been wearing a shower cap up until the very end of my shower.


3. Avoid putting a lot of stress on your hair to avoid breakage.

I’ve been brushing my hair very, very softly out of fear of losing my hair. I have short hair, so I can’t put it up in a ponytail, but I’d avoid rubber bands as they may pull on weak hair follicles.

Have you ever dealt with chemical burns from hair dye? Let me know in the comments.

  • Autumn

    That truly sucks that you had such a bad experience. I go to beauty schools quite often to get my hair colored and cut, and while I haven’t had the bad experience that you did it does seem to take hours and hours! So, the 9:30a-2p seems about right. Not sure why though. On the flip side, your hair looks FANTASTIC! I love it!

    • emilywp

      thanks!!! I’m happy with the color, too.

    • emilywp

      Thank you!!! Yeah it always takes forever at a hair school. Of course had they done it right the first time it would have been done by noon!

  • Naomi

    Ha! I know exactly what this is like… I had this happen two days before my wedding and it was my sister in law that was my hairdresser (She is a brilliant colourist, I had just been home bleaching for a year at that point and I think my scalp had decided it was enough). I got itchy and bright red from the top of my head to the tip of my toes and when I say itchy… I mean EVERYWHERE! Needless to say I scared the living crap out of her and she refuses to touch my head. I’m just glad by the morning of the wedding I had recovered… if yah know what I mean. I’ve only just, 9 years later, started to go back to the glorious blonde you have.

    • emilywp

      Before your wedding??? What a horror story. Good thing it got back to normal quickly. My scalp did as well. The burn sucks but I love my blonde.

  • kimberlyrijo

    Just dyed my hair blk after not dying for like 15 yrs! OMG between the burns itching and swelling im scared to do anything…after reading your experience I guess I will just let my scalp heal than wash gently and NEVER DYE AGAIN! My hair is super dark but I wanted some shine to it which I got but now im dealing with this horrible feeling! I feel little patches with scabs and swelling in a few spots…read an article that says hair possible wont grow back in some spots…do you think thats true? I woulet hate having hair not grow back because of this.

    • I saw articles that said that too, Kim. I personally had no problems with my hair growing back. I would stay away from dyes and just let it grow. Maybe if you want some shine, find a gloss? Or some shine spray? I have one from Tresseme that I like.

      • suzanne

        I had hair 14″ extensions in coated in kerotin dark brown ones i pulled them out when they were due and then had longer length ones in but they were a chestnut brown so i had my hair dyed before i had them in. I then wanted some blond in so because they were human extentions my hairdresser put me blond streaks in my hair and the extentions. She had to bleach my hair then dye it it ruined my hair it went dry and brittle. Then i went back to hairdresserd and asked her to dye it darker brown u could still see blond. I decided to go shorter to get rid of my ruined hair.
        in the space of a wk i bought a home dye and she put it on it dark brown. And then another week later she cut it even shorter then a week later i wanted some red in it so i bought the live colour and it went a nice colour but still dry i had more cut off it again. I wanted to go a purple colour so i bought a live colour purple dye but this time my friend did it. She used all of the dye from the box on my head bearing in mind i have short hair now and left it for 30 mins the colour weny purple blk and i wanted it lighter i noticed my scalp was going numb and sore i washed it off and it continued i felt panicky that night. I washed my hair again in washing up liquid to lighten it and conditioned it after. The next day i couldnt get my brush through it i have blisters on my scap and forehead. I was still scared so i made a app with my gp and he told me i had put too much mixture on for a long lenght of time and gave me some steroid liquid to rub intp my hair to sooth it it still burns and i am still apprehensive. As it makes you think with that girl who had a allergic reaction to hers and shes not here to tell the tale.
        Please tell me if anybody has had the same experience as me with live colours. Im not dying my hair for a while now need to let it chill.
        Am i being silly?

        • I don’t think you’re being silly, but it sounds like you DEFINITELY need to give your hair and scalp some time to chill. Like, a lot of time.

  • Allie45

    This happened to me yesterday! My scalp doesn’t feel terribly irritated at the moment, but i can feel a few smaller blisters on it. Did you experience small blisters (water-filled) on any areas?

    • emilywp

      I got some small red blisters, yes. But they healed in a few days!

    • I had some small ones but they healed pretty quickly!

  • Jojo

    I’m so glad I seen this! I bleached my hair at home but with a proper salon kit a few weeks ago and my head tingled but I put up with it as I was trying to get some ghastly red dye out. An hour after I rinsed my scalp swelled up and my ears felt on fire. I also had some blisters on my shoulders where I had dropped some bleach.
    I thought my life was over and that I was suddenly now allergic to dye. I have been in mourning as my hair is the only thing I like about myself and I was fully prepared to chop it off and go natural! Lol
    Anyway, you’ve given me some hope that perhaps the mix was a bit strong and I’ve just had some burning. My hair seems fine now although the roots are long because of my fear of fixing them.
    I’m sat with a patch test on my arm right now hoping there’s light at the end of the tunnel

    • Let me know how it ends up! It was probably just strong, and if you had washed your hair or showered recently, you didn’t have any natural oils to protect your skin!

  • Helen

    THANK GOD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THIS HAPPENED TO, im literally crying right now cause of how much my scalp burns right now. I decided to bleach my hair and dye it right after i dried it and oh lord , MY SCALP FEELS LIKE HELL. But it may be because i showered yesterday night, i thought for a second i had an allergic reaction and then i read this and hopefully buying that product will sooth my scalp. DONT EVER BLEACH AND DYE YOUR HAIR RIGHT AFTER!!!!

    • It was TOTALLY because you washed your hair the night before. I am getting my hair done Saturday morning and am not touching my hair until then.

    • Bimbee XD

      I’m Dying right now. I feel the Heat on my head. Its like my Head added 1inch thicker than usual. And it because of hair coloring All over my head had a burned.

  • Jason N.

    I generally always get my hair done professionally but this time we did it here needless to say my hair is super long n super thick n has be dyed before … first my boyfriend bleached my whole head yesterday it came out like two different blondes (eeeeeeek!!! ) OK… I can fix this this morning I grabbed light golden brown three boxes I was nervous three boxes wasn’t enough… but. Surprisingly it covered my whole head I waited the property amount of time n then rinsed it upon rinsing my scalp was burning and it felt as if I had open cuts everywhere it was painful… when I got out and my hair had dried i had realized the top of my hair came out somewhat right n darker n the bottom looked more blonde then th e first time so I headed back out n bougt three boxes of medium golden brown instead a little darker hoping it would help… my sister helped throughout the entire process this time my scalp was literally burning soooo. Bad!!!! It was excruciating pain I’ve never felt so much pain in my life and trust me I’ve been through a lot including having two children and still it was sooo unbearable I cried n screamed and paced to the point that there was no way I could have it in my hair any longer I ended up rinsing my hair ten minutes early the water from the sprayer had to b cold other wise the pain was more intense it still was excruciating rinsing and now it’s been a few hours n it still killing me I have blisters n a red scalp guess what? My hair is still messed up I give up! I’m going to cut it or see my stylist in like a week…. but never will I dye my hair myself again lesson to b learned here trust no one but an expert with ur hair n even then make sure u can trust them with ur life I’m so mad n in extreme pain right now good luck ladies n I hope no one endures what I went thru God bless u ladies


    I just bleached my hair and I can’t stop crying. I was feeling it burn and panicked so I washed it off and now my hair is yellow!!!! I was supposed to dye purple right after (which I did once but never got the burn sensation) but I feel my scalp sensitive. Not sure if the pain I’m feeling is enough to get worried but I am because I’m afraid of dying and make it worse but if I stay with this yellow colour in my hair I might not leave my bed. What do you think? Dye it and then take care of it or just leave it (and cry for a week)? It doesn’t hurt that bad but I don’t want to loose all my hair. I’m going crazy here. HELP

    • I would say wait 3-5 days before you try doing anything to it again. After 3-5 days, use purple shampoo and conditioner to see if any of the yellow will fade. You can let the shampoo sit on your head for awhile to get even more yellow out. Then you can dye it purple with a vegan dye like Manic Panic.

  • Christina

    I went into the salon @ 3 and didn’t leave until 8:30…I wanted to go blonde so the hairdresser did it was a 3 step process because some parts of my hair wouldn’t lift. By the time he went to step 3 which was dying it so it would all blend my scalp was burning and I told him I was even crying and breathing heavy because it get so bad. He said oh yeah it’ll burn. After that he was done washed it out and blow dried it. It wasn’t burning after but as soon as I got home I seen I had red marks and blisters. I was literally in tears I don’t want my hair falling out because I paid 140 for my hair to get done not to fall out. I’m scared. What should I do?! Is my hair going to fall out? Can it be saved ? Lol I’m serious this wasn’t what I wanted and I’m beyond scared of losing hair. 🙁

    • Don’t worry, and DON’T GOOGLE BURNT SCALP, ha. You should be fine. My hair didn’t fall out, and if you were really severely chemically burned, you’d see skin missing or you’d already have bald patches. Just don’t wash your hair for a few days, spray it with aloe vera, and remain calm!

      • Christina

        Thank you so much I’ve been in a huge panic since I’ve left the salon, reading this has me feeling a lot better and calmer now. I definitely won’t ever let that man touch my hair again though lol phewwwww

  • kiera

    Hi I’ve had platinum blonde hair for a while now and iv always used 2-3 xxlive max blonde hair dyes to do my roots. The past 2 times iv done my roots iv noticed my hair has gone really thin. Last week I did my roots again,I put 3 dyes on my roots in the space of two days. My roots are really dark so I always want it to get it to match my hair. On the third go my scalp was burning and after I washed it off I realised I burned me scalp and the next day had a few scabs. I did used to get chewing gum hair but always treated that with some good treatment shampoo/conditior but now with my hair being DRY I get a couple strands falling out on the slightest pull. But this is just from the roots the rest of my hair is good condition. I really don’t want to go back dark as I love this colour 🙁

  • Alexandra

    I did both, a double bleach plus dye all in one day…. and I simply wanted to die! It was literally the burned-alive-torture! My natural hair color is dark brown and curly, for about 6 months I been wanting (but wondering for my whole life) to go blond and so I finally did it. From dark brown to ash blonde, well at list that was the plan. As I am reading your advises I am realizing that I did each and everyone one just the way I wasn’t supposed to. I washed my hair the day before, bleached it ones under the heater, after seeing the orange almost had a heart-attack, so bleached it the second time under the heater after that second time bleach i really didn’t know what was my name or what was going on around me all I wanted it to do is stick my head in to a freezer and freeze my brains to numb the excruciating pain… The results … well I call it the Blond-Yelow-Orange-FAIL lol and to make it even better my whole scalp is covert in pink burned patches …. Well at list o got a killer hair cut and I am praying that by the time I need an other one I will still have enough hair !

  • Jeremy Tyler Abril

    Had my hair bleached for the first time. Did 3 treatments. By the third I was shaking and almost about to punch someone from so much pain. My hair isn’t the color I want and my scalp still hurts. It’s been 4 days. Day 2 and 3 I had a lot of what I thought was pus. Now my scalp looks like this. (Sorry my nails are dirty. I just got off work lol) I’m so scared my hair will fall out. It did a little in the front. But I’ve never been through this.

    • Wow. I’m not a doctor but that looks very serious. I would go to an urgent care or a doctor and see what they have to say.

    • Jewels

      I totally know how your feeling, my scalp does that same thing, does yours get bumpy and like if you look at a scale thru magnifyer you can tell more what it looks like for others to help figure it out. I did not bleach my hair I only dyed it, I used Garnier, or Revelon and the first time I did it, it really hurt then last time yes it was like you describe. you wanna hurt somebody it hurts so bad. I totally understand.

  • Reanna Payne

    I have been bleaching my hair for a while. I had a major surgery almost a year ago since then i have developed an allergy to bleaching my hair. Have tried it and broke out with hives all over my arms, chest, neck, and my face looks like the worst sun burn in the world and have a hard time breathing. My arms itch non stop and all body feels like itson fire. But none of that is as bad as the pain on my scalp and is very swollen afterwards And very scabby. I have tried it several times on the scalp, since all i need is root touch ups. Also even tried sensitive scalp bleach amd developer with sweet and low and the stuff you can put in the bleach to help. Doesn’t make a difference. I tried to sit through it and did for 45 min. But its not worth it. The only way I can do it is if my stylist foils my whole head!!! That’s right my whole head!! And doesn’t get any bleach on any of my skin. But I feel terrible because it takes her so long to have to do that. So now I am sad because I don’t know what color to go to now. It took me months to get white blonde hair. Also allot of length cut off because I was black for 8 years.

    • Oh man, what an ordeal. Yeah, it sounds like it could be really bad for your health if you have a serious reaction and keep trying to power through it. But also if you really love your white blonde hair, and you feel bad that it takes your stylist so long to do it…just remember that you pay her to be your stylist, even if it takes a long time! Just be sure to give her a really great tip 🙂

  • Judith Conrad (White)

    Three years ago I experienced a chemical hair dye burn. To this day I am still treating my scalp with products prescribed by a dermatologist. I had to buzz cut my long thick hair. I have had a biopsy, suffer burning through the nights, lost too much weight because of the lack of sleep and stress from the pain. The hairdresser left the solution on too long. My practitioner, who was new to me, and me to her, insisted I had psoriasis. She did not trust that I knew exactly what happened. She prescribed medications that made the condition worse. I had to insist on a referral to a dermatologist. By the time he saw me the blisters were infected, my hair was tangling around the blisters and the scabs. My fingers are sore and my left thumb has seized up on me. This is from detangling my hair. I hope that my condition improved soon as my entire life is looking after my scalp. Please let me know if anyone out there has suffered these same symptoms.

    • robbiestine wellman

      I had the same problem and had to be put on antibiotics.
      Later I discovered Aloe Vera Gel with Lidocaine and Menthol and applied it to my irritated scalp. It really works. You can purchase it from any drugstore.

      • Judith Conrad (White)

        Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it.

  • I have burn patches on my forehead where it used to be my hair line because i bleached my hair twice within 24 hours and this was over a month ago and my scalp still hurts and i’m not quite sure if my hair will grow back

  • Kirsten

    I recently bleached my hair because I wanted it red. My hair is naturally blonde but I had been dying it black for years. She put in the bleach and at first I was totally fine. But after only about 15 minutes my scalp was burning and I felt nauseous from the pain, and told them they needed to rinse my hair out. Even after rinsing, my scalp hurt like hell and I was a crying mess (thank god all the stylists that helped me were so nice). They put the red dye in, and my scalp was still killing. They had to rinse my hair with cold water, and they couldn’t even fully blow dry it because I started to cry again. I got home and the pain numbed out a bit, but it’s still stinging. I just hope nothing too bad has happened to my hair, because that was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, which is saying something because I’ve broke my jaw and had piercings and everything.

  • Billy Mech

    I just bleached and then dyed my hair in one day. I had brown hair before. I went to a professional. With the bleach he only had to do it once, I had virgin hair so it took the bleach pretty easily. He said my hair looked healthy and that he would try and do the dye as well. I dyed it an ashy blonde. My scalp for the most part looks okay, the color of my hair is great, but I have these scabs in certain spots. I pulled one off it didn’t hurt but the scab was over hairs so I pulled out some hairs picking it off (this is gross sorry lol). I obviously decided to just leave them because I don’t want to have to pull chunks of hair out to get rid of the scabs. Are these scabs bad? and will they eventually go away?

    • Alexandra Lynch

      I’m having the same issue as you- I wish someone responded I haven’t been able to find any advice on what to do from here aside from not wash my hair. My scalp color is fine and I don’t have any sunburn symptoms. But I do have these scabs that seem remniscient of psoriasis-:(

      • Billy Mech

        I know this is way late but for anyone else that has this problem. The scabs eventually went away. My hair was very dry and felt dead for a looong time. In fact by the time my hair started getting soft again and feeling healthy the color was fading away. Putting coconut oil in my hair before a shower for a few hours helped. Sometimes I would just put a very little bit of oil in my hair before I started my day and didn’t wash it out. I have very dry thick hair so the oil actually helped my hair stay soft. I’d suggest not bleaching and dying in the same day. Even if the pro doing your hair says otherwise. I didn’t get to fully appreciate my hair because most of the time I had it, it was dried out and scabbed. Bleach it, wait a couple weeks than dye it. That can give you hair person a chance to try and fix the dryness as well. I’m planning on going grey very soon and I will not make the same mistake again.

  • Fauziah Mahmood Ahmed Siddiqui

    I did the worst mistake. I washed my hair with A special focus on my scaby itchy flakey scalp. First I put in coconut oil and caster oil then washed that and then put in AC. On my scalp. And right after that I went straight to the salon they bleached my head I couldn’t stand it . They coloured it . I couldn’t stand it . Wemy again the next day. Cause I had orange hair. They used ammonia free dye. It hurt but was controllable. Now my forehead hair line has black circuler patches. My scalp skin is tightw some open scabby wounds. Scalp is red and tender. What should I do to get immediate relief ?

    • An Adult

      OMG! Please let me know when you get good advise on this I’m miserable right now! Exact same symptoms!

  • Zara

    What do i do… Id never been to a hairdressers before and only 12 hours after something horrible has happened. i had it cut the bleached with something she mixed and assured me it was only mild at 9% peroxide it was on my head for about 20 minutes and the burning was not copeable anymore she sprayed water on it to cool it then left it for a further 5 minutes it was then washed with cool water. I sat for about 10 minutes then she dried my hair with a regular hair dryer following that she dyed it blue with crazy colour dye and like i said 12 hours later and ive found these scabs all over the bleached section. Im litterally crying… What do i do? Its 1:52am in uk and cant sleep for worrying ill wake up with no hair!

  • Keri

    I literally just had this. I’ve been bleaching my hair for years but tonight I decided to give it a go after being black for half a year. So I bought all the things expect I bought 40vol this time. I had the bleach on for at least a half hour (whilst dying the other half) an my scalp started getting so sore as felt swollen and around my had was going red so I literally couldn’t take it any more and washed it off with cold water but the pain is still here but dull, I have little blisters on the nape of my neck and my front head feels hot with tiny little burns. Is this because I used 12% which I never have before? It also only changed my roots so I literally have white roots and black/ red hair. ? what should I do?

    • Jasmine

      I’m am so not a pro but may I suggest next time using color fix which is a color remover with out bleach to strip out the black before you bleach that’s what I did and it was very effective for me I used it 3 times I had dark brown over a resent black Chery red and the first try it stopped brown left my hair red second it stripped red after that it was a bright orange Colo then 4 days later after deep conditioning and putting every single oil possible in my hair I used bleacbut just and inch or so away from my scalp and down and now its a yellow blonde with brown roots and its been 2 day and I think I’m ready to apply my final color but if u want ur tips to be blonde as well u should always apply bleach there last because they are the closest to the heat from your head so they lighten way faster!

  • eric

    literally the same thing happened to me, thanks for the advice

  • Jen Le

    I actually have had chemical burns with bleaching my hair. I recently rebleached my hair because my roots were coming in and I reacted the same way you did with the shaking and grabbing at my face. I had my hair bleached twice too even though I really shouldn’t have like you did. Some parts of my scalp became so raw it looked like it was bleeding.

    • lordlulu

      What did u do then to heal ur scalp

  • Ann Elizabeth

    I absolutely love to dye my hair all kinds of color more recently it was black with purple highlights I always use splat which is like bright colors like pink purple emerald green electric blue and so on they are 9.73 at Walmart they come with lightning bleach and the color well I bleached my hair and the purple I had ended up mixing with the bleach and turned my hair pink which I dont mind the color its just that it dried my scalp out horribly which it does every time but what I always do is when I bleach it I’ll wait a week or two before putting in the color also if ur scalp is dried out don’t was your hair everyday with shampoo rinse it with cool water and apply a dry scalp type conditioner let it set for two mins and rinse again with cool water also don’t blow dry ur hair or use heat on it that makes it worse anyways have a great day guys sorry about your scalps

  • Leeann Biggam

    my roots were bleached on friday with heat n my scalp feels about 1 inch thick with burns ive not washed brushed blowdryed or straightened it since im sh*t scared of going bald because of it ive plastered the scalp with extra virgin olive oil n wrapped it in a turban overnight tonight the colour is an absolute mess n id love to tone it down but know i cant till this scalp is restored to its ok self again

    need so much support n advice as to what to do next as never in my wildest nightmares did i ever think or imagine my scalp would ever be this bad with bleach


    • Leanne I wouldn’t use olive oil – your scalp needs oxygen and needs to breathe to heal. Olive oil will be too thick and could harm your scalp more instead of healing it. Get some spray aloe.

      • Leeann Biggam

        ive rinsed all the olive oil out of i and not shampooed it either im sat here with aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor on it however that will need washed off n soon too

        dyu think aloe vera gel would be good to rub into my scalp

        very best regards leeann

        • emilywp

          I’d be very gentle with rubbing it into your scalp but yes aloe will help!

  • sophia

    my mom is a hair dresser so me and my sister have always been her guinea pigs when she was in hair school, shes a great hair dresser so i suggested we go blonde with my hair this summer. we started with a 9/1 color and 20 developer, as soon as she put it on my scalp i started screaming, worst pain ever. it was as if i just poured boiling hot water on a sun burnt scalp. few months later i wanted to go lighter, my mom learnt a few tricks online on how to avoid the burning sensation, heres what i got for ya, for bleaching your hair, put in 2 sweet & low packets and use 10 developer instead of 20, it works just the same you just have to leave it on for a tad bit longer. my head/hair didnt burn at all when she bleached my roots. now depending on what color you want to do your hair, i wanted a silvery/purpley/blonde based hair, so we got a 12/6, which had a voilet undertone to it. the purple takes out the yellow/organe from the bleach and just really makes your hair that cool toned blonde, my hair looks awesome!

  • Lisa Boon

    Had this exact experience yesterday.today i have scabs on my scalp! Never again shall i go through that pain! Wow!

  • Delilah Carlson

    I’ve heard the sweet and low tip too. I did a lot of self-bleaching successfully, but wow the difference with a professional is night and day as far as the products they can buy that I can’t. They work much better and don’t burn as much. Also, now that olaplex/bond restorer exists, you can process several times in one day. The key is a good hairdresser that will spend the time carefully painting it on, greatly minimizing scalp contact. Mine will spray dry shampoo on if I have an area that’s particularly itching/burning. It can still get uncomfortable and a slightly dry/tight scalp the week after is kind of par for the course for us platinums but my self-done bleach jobs and days of blistered, painful scalp are behind me.

  • ma

    Omg I got my hair colored then bleachd the next day, and the xolored again..(color correction)
    Thus was supposed to be a routine root touch up…and the rest of my hair had been previously bleached quite a few times before..

    Anyways I had a bad chemical burn and got d bleach applied over it…

    Sheer hell….I dont know how I made it..I have sores throughout. My scalp is tight and on fire.
    My limph nodes behind my ears r inflamed…

    Im a hot mess…and in pain

    Applied aome co onit oil on the burns..

    And my hair is dry…

    D toner was left a bit too long and tuned a light lilac shade..

    Im just traumatised

  • Max Law

    YES and it happened that time when I was going for grey and they had to double-bleach my hair to get rid of the remaining dye from the previous dye work (I dyed darker blonde/brown previously and I usually only need one-time bleach if I’m just going for blonde.) It hurt so bad that I had to ask them to wash the bleach off during the second bleach. My scalp looked pinkish the following 2 weeks, looked a little raw, and then there’s this serious dandruff issue (not the small pieces type but literally big pieces like tectonic plates etc) after it’s done. But it started to recover slowly after 1 weeks and the colour turned out great. Now I’ll try not to wash my hair for 2 days before doing any bleaching job.

  • Megan Dahn

    I have developed an allergy to black hair color within the past 10 years that seems to have progressively gotten worse the more tattoos I’ve gotten. (they say if the more you have, the more you are likely to develop sensitivity to color) But anywho! I know your pain. Usually when I color my hair I mix a couple packets of Sweet N Low to lessen the sensitivity and balance the PH of the color. Normally, my scalp will feel tight, or as you described “like a bad sunburn”. It’s funny because I’ve bleached my head several times just like you, often being negligent but never had the reaction from bleach. Only black dye. I’ve had practically scabs that weep clear yellow fluid and harden into the same colored “scabs”. I know your pain all too well and it seems like the only thing you can do is wait it out. I. can’t NOT wash my hair when it happens because it literally hardens in my hair and gets on my pillow. The only thing that soothes it is cold water.

  • Shannon Saari

    My mom has been a hairstylist for 23 years I’ve never had a problem with any hair color ever in my whole life….with that being said I went and bought Nice and easy hair color …which I had never used this brand before… I ended up with horrible chemical burn on my scalp…I would have to say this product is horrible….I am 28 and never once In all my years of coloring my hair did I end up with chemical burn … Don’t get nice and easy it Will burn you both ways …

  • Ska25

    About a month ago I went and told a woman (a professional) that I wanted my hair to look sunkissed. I have (had) a natural red blonde color of hair… So she started… Took her what seemed like forever. Which it did. She left a bleach on my hair to process for 3 hours! There wasn’t much burning or tingling that I can remember. But when she was done, my hair was elastic-y and broke off. Which it still does when it gets wet. About two weeks later I went in and had it covered with a darker brown to try to seal the hair back together. Now it’s fading back because the processed chunks can’t seem to hold onto any color. And the last week my hair has started to fall out… No scabs or blisters that I can see right now, but my scalp does itch a bit in areas. Is this normal… I’m truly concerned that I’m going to lose all of my hair 🙁 can’t sleep over this…

    • Lu Garza

      Normally, you’re not supposed to leave bleach in your hair for over an hour. If you want it light, you need to bleach/dye it in increments. What happened with you is that bleach was left in your hair for so long, it basically killed your hair. Dying it was a no-no. I suggest you start using natural oils in you hair- things like keratin, almond oil, macadamia oil, or even argon oil. It’ll help smooth out your hair, but it’ll take a lot of care to help discourage your hair from falling out. (Though don’t take my exact word for it, I suggest you seek professional help or at the very least go back to the salon who did the original treatment and get your money back.)

      • Drowsi

        How is this person a professional a proffesional should know you never leave bleach or any other dye on your head for 3 hours. In fact never longer than 45 -50 min. If it needs to be re bleached a professional should say thats double processing and no proffesional i have ever known would double process my hair in same 24 hour period. Ive done it myself but they wouldnt. I always get irritated scalp itching sunburned feeling for firat few days. I did not know about sweet n low trick or sensitive scalp developers. Also any time you bleach hair out then go back to dark color, if you want it to not fade out, you must first dye your hair a red tint then dark. Bleaching strips all color pigments out of dark hair, and dark hair has a red pigment in it.


      Never use bleach if possible. There are layers of pigmentation that your baifhas to go through. Use to shader lighter each time until you get desired color. Another thing use color that says ash tone. That will toned own the red. Use vitamin e while you sleep.


    Luminize was a wonderful hair products that for women like me with severe scalp issues. Twice this year I have been in the e.r. for second degree burns. The Itching, burning, oozing, crusting made it almost impossible to sleep. I need help. I am too young to be tortured by haircolor. Help !

  • Artdisorder

    My scalp is currently burning and itchy as f*ck three days after I decided to cover up my faded blue hair with a blue/black dye. I have little red splotches and bumps all over my scalp and a few on my neck & forehead where the dye touched my skin. I’ve woken up scratching my head furiously the past few nights. It sucks!!!! The only other time this has happened was when I got my hair bleached at a hair salon last year. It’s driving me crazy. Last time the lady who did my hair suggested I use this tea tree oil for my scalp that’s specifically for hair and skin & it helped immensely, at least with the intensity of the itching anyways. I’m having trouble finding it though this time.

    • Marissa Watson

      Sounds like you’re allergic to PPD, had the same exact thing happen to me with black dye, and again a year later with brown because I thought it was just black dye I was suddenly allergic to. Apparently sudden PPD allergies are pretty common, just stay away from permanent hair dyes, bleach is fine and most temporary dyes are PPD free like Manic Panic. Adore is too and they have a bunch of “normal” colors too.

  • Rui

    Had my hair bleached foe the first time because i wanted to have an ashy gray silver hair. My friend bleached it for about 3-4 times..the 4th bleach was really burning but i somehow got through it. But then, the sides of my head was burning like crazy when she applied the dye after the 4th bleach with the 3% something chemical that i can’t even remember what it was. I had it on for about 30mins because i was literally biting some cloth and crying and shaking. It was an excrucial pain! She had me rinse it off when she said she saw some of the follicles bubble up like it was gonna burst any time soon. What should I do to treat these wound-like things on my scalp?

  • Kay Varnado

    I’ve always had trouble with my scalp after coloring. I’ve used sensitive scalp developers which help some, but there is still some minor itching. This last time, however, I didn’t not use it. My scalp is on fire and actually woke me up from the itching. One thing I had heard to try, that I stupidly did not do this time was to mix in sweet and low sugar substitute with the color. But, having used it after the fact, it still works. I poured a couple of packets in my scalp after wetting it with cool water, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Relief at last!

    • Andrea

      What sensitive scalp developers have you used?

  • Jenny Hayes

    First, I’d like to thank you for this post because today I went through a similar fiasco and it was very comforting to know a lot of people have gone through this too! I went to my regular hair dresser for a routine touch up on my very dark roots. Mind you, I don’t bleach my hair. They use a very high concentration of peroxide and some other shit, idk I’m not the hair dresser. I knew immediately that the girl doing my dye was new. She didn’t put sweet n low in to dull the pain I’m usually used to. But this, was unreal. I powered through until eventually my head went numb. I got it washed out and blown out. I go home and nap and when I wake up my head is wet and my hair is hard. I notice a chemical burn the size of a baseball on my head. It’s just embarrassing that two “professionals” did my hair, but failed to notice this giant bleeding burn on the size of my head. When I called to complain, they told me they didn’t know what to do and I should google how to fix my problem. Good thing I did because this post helped more than anything! Our local pharmacist also suggested an aloe spray and also a benedryl spray as well.

  • Shannen Smith

    I dyed my hair Bleach Blonde using Splat. I’m always dying my roots every time I get a chance/money. Well last time the top of my scalp was burning and it started becoming really itchy. I thought it was do to me not showing daily like I use to do to being a first time parent. Well I kept scratching not thinking anything of it. I decided to pray to the Lord since I started feeling pressure on my scalp and the top of my scalp is really sensitivity now.I decided to put Ice on my head since no one can touch my head without it hurting/ getting dizzy. My step mom and I just said it was my High Blood Pressure acting up and that I should be careful. What should I do to treat it? I saw what you used but having a hard time pronouncing it.

  • Jenn..live and learn

    I am so glad I found you all on google! Yesterday was the worst experience!!! I went in a top notch salon with a picture of the coloring I wanted…I had the $$ to do it and was super excited. I never went to this salon before but it was given 5 stars, so I felt they would do a great job. The colorist was pissed off from the beginning, saying what I wanted would take 5 hours and I only booked 2 hours. When I made the appt, no one told me that there would be an issue, or that I would need extra time..how am I supposed to know??My hair is curly and they asked if I had a perm and I said no, I’ve never had a perm; all I’ve done is color my hair..honest to God truth.

    The colorist said she would need to remove my color to add the different colors I wanted and asked if I was planning on getting a haircut afterwards, I said, sure, why not, we can do a trim afterwards.

    I took off my glasses so they were not in the way…so I can’t say what exactly she was using…she applied foils to sections of hair on the crown of my head and lots of, I think, cream bleach ?? They moved me to a back room and that is where I sat…for a very very long time. She came back once and undid a foil..I asked her how it was looking and she said great. So I am sitting and sitting..next thing I know, my head is so hot it feels like my head is on fire…seriously..is burning and I look around..there is no one!! I stand up and feel like I’m going to pass out, I find someone and say “please help me..it’s too hot” and they rush me to the sinks and start taking off foils and I am freaking out..asking if I am bald on the top of my head. The colorist excuses herself “I’ll be right back” and she is balling herself. Someone else is rinsing my head with cool water and they keep checking my scalp…I am saying out loud to myself, I’m okay, I’m okay (I’m in shock and having a panic attack). I get ready to leave and there are 2 staff standing in front of me…they say , you should of told us you had a perm. I say again, my hair is naturally curly, I’ve never had a perm. My scalp is burning right now. I go to leave, the stylist is saying, do not go home and put brown on it ! Your hair will turn orange!! They didnt charge me of course and no way i would pay for what i just went through. So I go home, my hair is still hot to the touch and I stand in the shower for almost an hour and chunks of my hair is falling out..like fried looking Ramen noodles. I call the nurse on call..can’t get a hold of anyone, I call my doctors office and can’t get a hold of anyone. I did not think to look here on Google. I went to the ER, a basket case with my blood pressure 220/100. All I wanted to know is what to do for my scalp. So I put aloe on my head and slept that way..is what the ER recommended. Also told me Tylenol for inflammation. Maybe a benadryl would also help..although I’ve never had a type of allergic reaction to hair coloring in my whole life. The ER was
    Better than..jail, cuz I was ready to strangle someone.

    • Kitziekane

      Wow, over dramatic much?

    • Chelsea

      How long did your scalp take to fully heal?

  • The Incredibly Cliché Girl

    I had my hair bleached twice in one day. Both of them were 45 mins each. It was applied on my roots and scalp. I had it rinsed off on the second because i couldn’t take it anymore. I was glad I did because if i didnt i would probably have worse things on my head right. It formed tiny scabs near my hair line, it was tiny and and seemed harmless but i’m quite worried i have the psoriasis thing. I hope I don’t. Also, I’m a bit confused, is my scalp supppsed to turn platinun white? I saw that when Kim Kardashian bleached her hair it turned her scalp platinum white and I just wanna ask if that’s normal??

  • Rachel

    My mum bleached my hair for the first time, she put it in and after it was in for a few minutes it started burning so bad I got w headache, she washed it out and came out the colour I wanted, but there was one part of my scalp which was burnt and sore so I just put a bag of peas on my head for a few hours and that helped a lot, then she put the toner in the next day, that didn’t burn as bad though, she washed it out and it came out the colour of blue and silver and blonde in different spot in my hair, she bought me another normal blonde hair dye and that helped a lot, my hair is now platinum blonde, although where it’s burnt is at the back of my scalp and my hair is really hard in that part and don’t know how to get rid of it…

  • Skittles

    So glad I found this. I’m trying to get my hair to go grey so over the last two or three months, my friend has been bleaching my hair (I had it dyed black at the time I decided I wanted to do this). We just did the third session last night and it burned so bad, I don’t think it was even in for 15 minutes. I showered the same day because I wasn’t thinking about it. Now I’m pretty sure I have a burn spot and my now bright blonde hair is getting knotted up really bad on that side because I think the burn is secreting fluid, and I’ve tried brushing it and it terrifies me how much hair comes out because of how thin my hair already is.

  • Alexandra S

    Dang! I wish I had read your article before I had my hair dyed! I was told I needed to wash my hair before I dyed it, in order for the dye to stick to the shaft of the hair. I was told too much oil would cause parts of my hair to have uneven color. Well, now my scalp is burned! I could scream!

  • Ally G

    As someone who get their roots bleached every 6 weeks I have a couple suggestions to not only make sure it’s not painful but also make sure your hair doesn’t dry out.
    1. Take a Benadryl before you get to your appointment.
    2. Don’t wash your hair for 4-5 days, not just one. You want it oily. I use dry shampoo if it looks gross on day 4/5. One to two days is not enough.
    3. Put Vaseline around your hairline before your appointment.
    4. Under no circumstances make an appointment around the time you expect your period. Worst decision I have EVER made.
    Maintain health:
    1. Ask your stylist if they use Olaplex, buy the No. 3 bottle they sell and use as directed.
    2. Moisture hair mask once a week or every two weeks. BlondeMe has a great one.
    3. Ease up on purple shampoo. Yes it takes the brassiness out but it also really dries out your locks.
    4. You should never have any bleach on your hair more than 45 mins if your stylist makes you wait past that time you need to request a rinse.

  • Raquel Vasquez

    I’ve had chemical burns twice already. The first time they covered an entire area with pus at the top of my head to where people noticed. Then they went away after a couple weeks. After my touch up the same thing happend but they spread out around my head. Even after going in without showers for 3 days my hair is just very resistent to the bleach so it takes longer. They had to bleach it twice. I have auburn hair so it’s like it’s brown but with red tones.. So anyone with any natural red tones maybe rethink platinum blonde!

  • Debbie Jeffries

    I burned mine scalp a few years ago and it it just started hurting in the same spot, but I have no issues on my scalp. I used to dye my own hair. This last is the last time for me. My scalp bled at the crown

  • Joseph Anthony Castagliola

    Not trying to be rude , but how about going to a licensed professional next time???? Someone in school is using you for practice!!!! You get what you pay for!!!!

    • Shanoa Tran

      Tbh the minute she complained the bleach burned is the minute its out and she’s sol
      Sometimes “professionals” aren’t all that professional.

  • Andrea

    What scalp sensitive bleach did they use? I NEED SOME
    I’ve felt this pain way too many times, and a few years ago when I wasn’t experienced I bleached some of my hair off and got pretty bad burns in some parts of my head.
    What I do lately is use way too much coconut oil before bleaching and after, and adding sweet n low or equal to my bleach so it doesn’t hurt as much..
    I bleached my roots yesterday and today and every time i do it I feel like giving up my colorful hair because of how much my scalp suffers

    • Shanoa Tran

      I know this is a while back but uhm

      I used Clear Blue once with this packet that helps with scalp burning, itching, irritation, etc and i never itched or burned!

  • Eben-ezer B Gonzales

    I’m actually experiencing that pain right now. I bleached my hair from the roots and now I’m dying it blue and it’s really really painful!!! 😭😭😭 After I read some comments and saw some pics I’m thinking if I should rinse my hair right now but I really want to have blue hair. 😂😭😭😭 no pain no gain

  • Brian Collins

    It does not make sense why so many women crave to look like an albino. Where does this come from? Giving in to some kind of societal pressure all in the end to just harm your health? Why not defend the beauty of being natural and loving what you are born with?

    • Adriana Llanas

      Speaking poorly of some one’s hair choice is just as bad as any other physical feature. Personally I do it for myself and I think as long as you don’t do it for no other reason you have the right to do as you please. Don;t be so judgmental boii lol

    • Shanoa Tran

      because i wanna look like a beautiful magical girl anime and unfortunately i was not born with pastel pink hair

      fite me

      • Trinnah

        And because I just want to look like a mystical friggen mermaid unicorn, so what!?

        • Shanoa Tran

          Was that to me or Brian?

          Because I’m saying people dye their hair because they have the right to not like their own hair color. ._.

          • Trinnah

            Oh durr, that was to Brian, my bad. d: I could never advocate being against hair dye. Side note: I got my mystical mermaid hair yesterday. (;

          • Shanoa Tran

            I bet it looks great! <3

  • Mary Wilhelm

    I am not bragging with this story, but I do remember the details. I am a hairdresser. I went to school after my last child was born, and that was twenty years plus ago.. I have had my hair just about all colors, and many times , permed and colored. I never have had a last few months like these. I had, and still have problems with my scalp that I never have had. I decided since before long my hair will be grey, I would try the pewter color of manic panic. It should have been fine. It wasnt. I had , I think, in two days, fifteen applications, of pewter, purple, grey, bleach, and finally brown. My hair has had flakes, and powder, and it hurts, but at first the first thing was the scales, of my scalp, there was a chemical reaction with a rinse, that got hot, and I mean hot. I have no doubt , that I totally ruined the barrier on my scalp. I didnt realize that, was in addition to the chemical burn, but I have been using jojoba on my scalp, and some oils. my hair is still flaky, and scalp is dry. i need to hilite my h air, and was considering using a cap, it about makes one freeze in what the heck to do, doesnt it? any help, ideas, or if you have questions, i will gladly share what i know. i got product queen most everywhere including school, and i can or could always do color corrections, and get them right. a lot is with a color wheel. mw in oh I thought of an addition to this note. I have not done anything, and I do mean that, since all of this four to five months, ago, except the oils, and shampooing. Like all of us,here, I am worried to do too much. My hair needs a trim, and I want some blonde, and not in a time consuming way. A frosting cap, rather than foil, even though it seems old fashioned, will keep, for the absolute most part, the bleach from on the scalp. if bleach would be put on our scalps now, we would burn, and loose hair. Im not a gurhu, but lets just say, good chance.

  • Christine Bélanger

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    A new solution to a big problem! Available for hairstylists at http://www.antidotpro.com !

  • leah

    Ok guys I’m going through this in 2016.i cant take it.i dyed my hair back to black 4days ago.it started itching like crazy.i have lil things on my scalp,my ears around my head😢😰.i washed it today,then mosturized with argan oil again.still itching sweet. feel 60% better but if i put my headtie on it burns.i just braided and left untied.out of NY

  • Melissa juarez

    I just got my hair done a couple hours ago and the pain (burning sensation) in my head just gets bad when I lay down to sleep, which is a problem bcus it’s 12:04 am and I can’t get comfortable.
    I did had it bleached and I was put under heat, which just now I know I shouldn’t have let that happen.
    During the bleaching process it didn’t burn as much as I thought, but I have to mention she put something on my scalp, some kind of treatment to prevent it from burning.
    So I suppose that now, still sensible and the heat from my pillow makes it burn…?

  • Emma B Blanco

    I love marilyn monroe blonde, but this has happened to me three times now, by different professionals. How can we go super blonde without experiencing this? There has got to be a way. And this last time, right now, my hair is darker than it was along the base and has a carrot hue at the roots and a bit throughout. Pretty disappointed. I looked better with my super blonde hair with major roots.

    • Luzi Teufelmann

      perhaps you have figured this out by now, but yes, there is – one chemical service at a time, over several days, until you get there. instead, they do 2-3 in a few hours, putting chemicals directly on the scalp they’ve just washed one off of. if your scalp is nice and oily (unwashed for 3-4 days at least) and you haven’t been scratching it recently, there’s hardly even irritation from a single lightening service, even a long one under heat, provided it’s safe for on the scalp use (most are, your stylist should know)

      but clients expect to leave he salon with exactly the color they asked for, and stylists keep giving it to them, because the alternative is to let you walk out the door with yellow hair and hope you’ll come back for parts 2 and possibly 3. during that time you could get impatient, box dye it and fuck it all up, decide we don’t know what we’re doing because everyone else gets it done in one day or change your mind about dropping $250 because we only charged you for one service and never come back.

  • Karen Barker

    Unfortunately, if you want a scalp bleach, you’re almost certainly going to have some sort of reaction. After a day or so, If it’s blistered and sore, rinse your hair with cool water, then, and this is going to sound weird, rinse out your hair with regular old milk. The protein in the milk will help the scalp to heal. Rinse out again and use a really gentle shampoo and conditioner. I use a great organic goats milk shampoo and conditioner. And try not to use any heat styling for a few days as this will irritate your scalp even more.

  • Regielyn Padua

    I have had my hair bleached before and today I thought I was being a massive wuss because I couldn’t sit through a second treatment when I had done it before without a whine. Then I realized…
    I was an idiot and washed my hair RIGHT before my appointment (I was all self conscious about my hair being oily and gross after three days of not washing it). I feel so stupid. 🙁 Thanks for the aloe Vera aerosol tip. My scalp isn’t red but evidently it is starting to ooze in some places. It’s completely clear so nothing too alarming. I’m more embarrassed than anything else. :/

    • IAmWeirdo

      Just got my hair bleached 2 days ago. My scalp feels so tight & I can feel the bumps on my head coz of my hair roots are sticked on my scalp. I think there are blisters forming huhu I’ll try that Aloe vera gel on my scalp too. Wish me luck!! Thanks for sharing your experience. >_<

  • Nicole

    I’m going from an emerald green color to white blonde again, and to get to where I am now I have bleached it three times, all a week apart. I’d wager that that still wasn’t enough time to wait, because the last time I bleached I had red blotches all over my scalp, and it wont. Stop. Itching. And I am a subconscious itcher. So now I’ve got mild chemical burns and scabs. Bleaching is not something to be taken lightly,,, which I did. Currently sitting with my pixie completely slicked down with aloe vera gel

  • disqus_ubmhC4dAcF

    I dyed my hair for the first time. My hair is so dry and dead I can’t brush or comb it. I have a chemical burn on my neck and lower part of my scalp. I had this professionally done. Never bleaching my hair again. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e63fdb1713463ebdf641f24e36e8baf47ef49363c3866e5016e99d3c24de890.jpg

    • lordlulu

      What did u do to heal ur scalp then?


    Madison Reed hair product burnt my scalp so badly that my beautiful hair, although, baby fine, but a Head FULL of hair….fell out!!! I only had the Genova Red color on for less than FIVE minutes, and the burning was so intense that it hurt! Whilst rinsing this harsh damaging concoction off, HANDFULS of hair went down the drain! In the next two months, almost ALL of my hair fell out. The Company promised me a human hair wig….to pay for the Dermatology visit, and Now…they are Ignoring me. Whatever was in that Vat of poision, left me, at age 60, with a Bald Head, and Very Mentally sick! Were it a result from Chemo, it would be another story….but I have to tell this story to warn others….This company has not handled my situation with any Honor and they HAD to have known…how could they NOT???


    Apple Cider Vinegar balances the PH of the hair, and it is said to HEAL the burnt scalp. When i was growing up, my Mother always rinsed my beautiful hair with half ACV and half water to make the hair shiney and to rinse off the build up. I hope this helps someone….NO ONE should go through what I have been through. It is CRIMINAL!

  • Gee Breezy

    I definitely have gone through this experience myself sadly, and I had started with an OMBRE effect from my natural dark brown hair lifting to blonde and then eventually I had done it all blonde and had to maintain it every 5-6 weeks w a root touch up. Finally I had bleached and toned it only to realize about 8 days later my hair was literally breaking and falling off in clumps in the shower and I was having severe headaches, burns and thinning for 10 days in a row until I finally went to the ER. Exactly what you hadentiinef prior, stay away from heat, don’t shampoo the hair and I received a very strong shot in the arm, that immediately reduced the chemically damaged scalp inflammation. I bought organic Paraban and sulfate free Argan Oil Shampoo and conditioner, it helped restore damage so much! Also I highly recommend not washing the hair and not putting in any hair treatments at all until it’s fully regained it’s ph balance. If you have to wash your hair frequently bc it may be dry but oily, condition 2x a week maximum. I also was taking 10,000 mg of Biotin and 500 mg of keratin pills from target that absolutely helped and gave me results within 2 weeks, I took the pills for 30 days and within those 30 days my scalp and hair was restored and thick again. Hope this helped, and also after restoring the damage just be sure to avoid heat and again, with bleached hair, stick with Parabans and sulfate free shampoo and conditioners. No others will heal your hair the same!! I love it!!! For anyone going or who went through this, be sure to see your doctor to be safe w inflammation and again, stay away from heat, Paraban and sulfate free products, and avoid tight rubber bands, braids, and hats that may penetrate heat and increase hair loss l, while recovering. Hope you ladies feel better!!! Hope this helps!!!!!

    • Lori Deangelis

      I had same experience. My scalp still hurts and my hair is still falling out. I did not do ER because I did not know why I was sick. After much research I know. PPD. Beware of organic products sold in health food stores. That was my downfall. Tints of nature. Doctor’s don’t even know as mine just said I burnt my scalp. It still tingles and burns.

  • Jeri Lynn Adair-Crabtree

    Salon Landiis 1298 South 900 East SLC,UT stylist Liz Farnsworth, ****** B****,not burnt my scalp but fried my hair!! It’s a good thing I am not afraid to be bald because I have to shave it all off. This soon shall pass but I trusted the people and Liz because they are professional hair stylist. She knows what she cause she even let take pic. Out be nice. Hmmmm!! No more nice girl…I will pray for this poor soul,and with time forgive but I will NOT be a returning costomer. And people wonder why I don’t not trust others. I trusted and beloved in someone else because there professional. Diffinition of Professionalism : is defined as an adherence to ethic and an assessment of competency. If she did not want to do my hair/bleach all in one sitting 45 mins. To be exact! She should have just refused service To me. That would have been professional actions! Good thing I’m a confident women who can shave her head and be OK with it!!! Why ?? Do people do such terrible things to others. I am very disappointed in this Salon and this young lady. I just don’t want it to happen to another person’s out there. FYI for future costomers!

    • Anna Franklin

      Maybe you should pray for some English lessons instead.

  • Vanetta Burden

    Yes, I dyed my hair and my scalp got irritated 2 days later, it started itching and pussing, my scalp is really bad now, don’t know what to do

  • Shannin Ritchie

    Oh yes my head behind both my ears and around my face are burn bad, its very painful but I’m gonna try the apple cider vinegar and water hope it will give some relief..

    • Chelsea

      How are you doing? Is your scalp healed? Did the ACV help at all? Going through the same thing and looking for some answers

  • Kitten Slatko

    Had my hair bleached out with lightener and heat and then added purple dye on top. I’ve been bleaching and dyeing for years and this time, it burnt just the left side of my head in a bunch of places. I know it will heal, but damn!!! Gonna try aloe spray and burn cream. Gross but, gotta try something!!

    • Chelsea

      How is your scalp now? Has it healed?

      • Kitten Slatko

        Aloe spray worked. Was healed in a week but my scalp is definitely dryer and itchier than before. Hasn’t returned to normal. Then again, I dye and bleach my hair every 6 weeks, so….no more burning tho. Not sure why it happened. I’ve been told take Alka seltzer before using bleach it apparently helps

        • Chelsea

          Thank you! I’ll invest in the aloe spray. Hoping mine will heal within a week as well. Was told that antibiotic gel with silver would help tremendously as well as organic coconut oil. Doing all things lol

  • Megan McMenamin

    So I decided to go to a new hair dresser since my hair dresser was out on surgery. I usually get my roots done with a full head of highlights every 6 weeks. Since my hair is naturally dark brown I gradually went to a pretty light blonde. Since my last hair appointment a month ago my hair has been falling out from the root. My twin sister and I have always had a ton of hair and never had to worry about tinnning or losing hair, until now:(. For almost an entire month I have been loosing a lot of hair. Everytime I shower the brush is filled with my hair and even when I’m done blow drying it etc. My scalp is extremely soar at times and very sensitive. I’ve been extremely upset over this and do not have a clue on what to do to resolve this. The hair dresser left my dye on for over two hours and also used a toner on top of the root dye and full head of highlights . My hair is continuously falling out and it is coming from the root. Please help!! My hair is my life!!;(

  • Sherry

    I am so glad I started reading this. I have never had my head burn so much. It burned a little bit 6 weeks ago when I colored it. It was the first time that ever happened. I noticed it had some broken little strands of hair right behind my ears that stuck out afterwards. My hair is all one length and I put it in a ponytail for work. The short broken hairs stuck straight out. So tonight when I started coloring my hair and it burned 10 times worse, almost immediately, I came and looked up burning scalp. Thank you all for your horror stories. I ran and washed it out of my hair after only 5 minutes. I usually leave it on for 25 to 30. My scalp is still tingling a bit, but I feel like you guys saved me from some real pain and suffering.

  • Nat

    I just got my hair dyed I went for blonde beige! I think the hairdresser chucked lots of bleach on then put foil on the top of my head and used hair dryer then rinsed it with boiling hot water she then put another hair dye on.. it’s now really painful I have lots of bleeding blisters on my scalp and I’m really worried that my hair will fall out 😭 I have used some coconut oil on those blisters but they are not disappearing

    • Chelsea

      It’s been a month now, how is your scalp doing? How long has it taken to heal? Did you do anything else?

  • Coë Zansdale

    I have had my hair bleached and dyed before and the last time I did it it was a very painful process so this time when I went to get it done I told the stylist that I had a sensitive scalp and react badly with bleach and toner. She then decided to carry on with the bleaching process anyway saying that their products would be much less painful. They weren’t. She proceeded to apply the bleach for about an hour and then the toner for another 20 to 40 minutes. Again this was just as painful as the last time and I stressed this to her but she reassured me and said it was going to hurt as long as you can bare it. Towards the end of the treatments while the toner was on I couldn’t talk because I was in so much pain and I couldn’t read my book I couldn’t concentrate and I was telling my stylist that it was too much to bare… she said that I can do it. At that point anyway she should have removed the product full stop she also did not do a patch test which I believe is ridiculous when handling chemicals on the human body. When she was drying my hair with a blow dryer she then stopped and looked shocked and said that looks a bit burnt- you’ll have to be careful with that. I had to ask her for advice on what to do next and she just said avoid products and wash it was cold water and I proceeded to pay £80 for the treatment. Once I got home and looked at my scalp with a mirror and felt it I realised it was disgusting I could put up pictures but I think they would make some people feel very queasy… there were scabs, blood, open wounds and pus. Two days later, I asked my hairdresser friend to look at it and he was appalled- he said my head is infected and it is weeping and I should not have paid for the treatment. So we called the salon which unfortunately is not in my city and complained profusely and they eventually, after arguing that I was wrong, gave me a refund for the colour but not for the cut I think that would have been a show of a good gesture but obviously not. The money that I received back from the treatment is no consolation for my burnt and sore scalp… I am currently treating it with lashes of coconut oil and hoping for the best after a week of pain. I was so scared that my hair would just fall out completely. SO, everyone be careful when using chemicals on your hair it is dangerous and it can be very painful! X

    • Chelsea

      Now that some time has passed, how is your scalp doing? Is it healed?

  • Jessie Alford

    Yes my head is itching an burning

  • Chelle Lee Henrickson

    I got a new hair dye from Sally’s yesterday and did my hair last night, I will never get that brand again, my scalp hasn’t stopped leaking fluids.

  • Jennifer Howard

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/41a4808da4195f67c93f9694556b6c6796d705b98294c4706cc290b1dc30e232.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eddac7799a7ed9920d94c6ecd74d7a7934313b538c62059722e0ed6eafd14bd7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/36352e66db8fa42dd459d9474b55088eab2f4495b38676a3bab173811a16b6a8.jpg Colored my head Monday morning at salon. Used a VR shade violet red. Couple hours after I left the ski entire scalp felt tingly then started feeling feverish. If this happens please refrain from itching or scratching your scalp anywhere it just aggravates the skin further. Tap your head to scratch if need be. Needless to say my entire scalp is swelling down to my eyes. Forehead is puffed up all across and one of my eyes is beginning to swell. Seen doctor yesterday. Gave me a steroid shot and rx of steroids. It’ll clear it up in a few days. I just can’t wash my hair. Rinsing is good. It’ll help rinse any extra dye from the hair and scalp. Hope this helps anyone. I knew Better but this gray hair had to go! Oh and sweet n low was used but apparently it doesn’t work on me guess I’m super sensitive.

  • Ling Ling Morrison

    Omg…I went to a local salon. My hair was brown.I wanted it blond but not Marilyn Monroe blond. The stylist said no problem. She bleached my hair and it turned orange like a pumpkin!! I started tripping out. She then tells me she can fix it she just has to strip it and it won’t take long. 20 minutes later under a dryer I thought my head was melting it burned so bad. Finally she washed it out…it was bleach white in the front and I can’t even describe the color in the back. She then proceed to put a dye in it. Needless to say I had 3 horrible colors in my hair and i looked like Slim Shady on crack!
    My head continued to burn. When I got home I had hair matted to my head with blood and scab. I have 5 places that have very painful chemical burns right now. I put aloe on it tonight. Now it is hard and my hair is stuck to the scab. I just don’t know what to do y’all.
    On top of this I can’t leave this tri-toned hair looking like this. I need to get a normal color ASAP.
    Oh and the hairstylest TRIED to charge me 165.00. I told her she was insane and lucky if I paid her at all for what she did to me. I did have to sign a consent form before. I argued that she should of known how hard it would be to lift dark hair that many levels. Don’t lie to me tell me you can do it
    Anyway I threw her 30.00 and left. She had no choice but to take that or nothing at all.
    So y’all anything else I can be doing for this pain??

  • Jewels

    Ok this must be what I did with my head I had changed color of my hair before this never happend. I used Garnier I think it’s spelled, well this time like several months back I had my hair dyed at home I did it. Ok so since then, I have had scales on my scalp, itching, burning, and I am one that can’t stand pain well, so ok so now months after all this, I still have even bigger bumps on my head from this. I can’t get it gone for some reason, the Aloe seems to help better than anything else. I will NEVER dye my hair again. I think something bad is going on as it seems to be just getting worse and not clearing up. What do I do? Tea Tree Oil did NOTHING. I bought big bottle of it as a shampoo then a conditioner one, it doesn’t help. My hair is not dry as I wash it almost daily. I’m upset and can’t figure out till now, what had happend. Due thanks your website. I am looking for ways to cure this? Is it totally able to never come back? It keeps coming back, yes I’ve picked at it and it’s awful. I can’t stand it no more. I’m in tears also, as it’s fusterating and annoying.

  • Jewels

    Ok this must be what I did with my head I had changed color of my hair before this never happend. I used Garnier I think it’s spelled, well this time like several months back I had my hair dyed at home I did it. Ok so since then, I have had scales on my scalp, itching, burning, and I am one that can’t stand pain well, so ok so now months after all this, I still have even bigger bumps on my head from this. I can’t get it gone for some reason, the Aloe seems to help better than anything else. I will NEVER dye my hair again. I think something bad is going on as it seems to be just getting worse and not clearing up. What do I do? Tea Tree Oil did NOTHING. I bought big bottle of it as a shampoo then a conditioner one, it doesn’t help. My hair is not dry as I wash it almost daily. I’m upset and can’t figure out till now, what had happend. Due thanks your website. I am looking for ways to cure this? Is it totally able to never come back? It keeps coming back, yes I’ve picked at it and it’s awful. I can’t stand it no more. I’m in tears also, as it’s fusterating and annoying. Hope you can see it. I have more spots that are bigger bumps, and hard not like soft, all over my scalp

  • Kaitlyn Hutton

    I burned my hair with toner. I misread the directions and used a different volume level than it said. Within five minute of it being on my head, I was shaking from how much pain I was in. A few days afterwards, I was able to pull of large layers of dead skin from my scalp. Some of them were several inches long. Since then, if I feel like my scalp is beginning to itch at first when I apply something, I rinse it off; I know it it’s going to burn.

  • Candie

    Yes had my hair done at supercuts and left with chemical burns the wrong color and an awful uneven cut a failed attempt at covering up the hair that broke off. Do not use a Supercuts or Regis owned salon apparently this happens fairly regularly at Regis owned salon. I saw online they ended up paying 2 million settlement for giving a client 3rd degree burns on the scalp as recently as nov 2017. You would think after one incident like this that they would retrain the entire staff to make sure something like this would never happen again.