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8 DIY Projects I’d Do If I Had Any F**king Time

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

In the lady-centric blogosphere, there are a BAJILLION amazing DIY blogs. I am exceedingly jealous of these women, because on a scale of one to Elsie Larson…I don’t even register. I’m like a cell phone vibration on the richter scale of DIY skills. And not even a smart phone vibration, like a 2001 flip phone vibration.

Due to my complete lack of handy abilities, combined with an absence of free time and an endless supply of junk cluttering up my New York apartment, I am unable and unwilling to dive head first into the world of DIY. In my efforts to tip toe into the artistic waters (so many metaphors today), I’ve come across some projects that I have to share with you. Here are 8 DIY project I’d do if I had any fucking time or ability.

Fresh Flower Ombre Curtain from Makers Society


When I picture this ombre fresh flower curtain in my apartment, I envision a girly Valentine’s Day brunch, complete with fresh fruit waffles, one of those classy salads that has no lettuce in it, and mimosas with strawberries in them but no one is drunk crying about being single. That, of course, is about as attainable as these carnations living eternally. But the project sure is cute.

Instagram Photo Banner from The Merrythought


This photo banner is sugary sweet adorableness. So I’d probably turn it into something sassy with a phrase like “I fucking love you,” instead.

XO Marquee from Kristi Murphy


I’ve been seeing marquee style signs in lots of homes and offices lately, and I want one for myself. This one doesn’t actually seem too difficult to make, if I ever get up the courage and gather the cash to actually do it. But first, I need to get a bed frame and a dresser, instead of just sleeping on the floor and keeping my clothes there, too. Then it will actually look legit.

Coffee Pot Terrarium from A Charming Project


Succulents are awesome because they’re easy to take care of, and I feel like real adults have plants in their house. I’m currently on a mission to masquerade as a responsible human, so this could easily be worked into my plan. I love that this coffee pot terrarium could add a quirky vibe to my living room.

DIY Jewelry Board, also from Kristi Murphy


This DIY project is actually something I need. My jewelry is always in a tangled mess on my bookshelf. Since it’s easy to make, I may actually try my hand at this one.

Ketchup Container Christmas Lights from Skonahem


This tutorial is in…Russian, I think? I’m not totally sure. But the point is, you put paper ketchup containers around white Christmas lights to make them look fancy. I have meant to buy some white Christmas lights for my room since I moved into my apartment a year and a half ago. If I ever actually purchase some, I’ll also steal some ketchup cups from McDonalds to make these.

Lightbulb Vases from The DIY Diary


I already know that if I tried to make a vase out of a lightbulb I would cut up my hand SO BADLY that I would be afraid to touch lightbulbs for the rest of forever. I am absolutely terrified to make a vase like this…but damn are they sleek.

Pussybow Tie from The New Craft Society


I have been looking around for a feminine bow tie like this for AGES, and only recently figured out what they’re actually called. The fact that these accessories vaguely reference female genetalia cracks me up, and now I want one even more. Since I have no idea how to sew, there’s no way I’ll ever make this, but I’ve currently got a tab open on Etsy right now with a couple to choose from.

Will you try out any of these DIY projects? Let me know in the comments.

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