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Let John Oliver Explain To You Why Fast Fashion Is Awful

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that fast fashion is bad. Brands like Forever 21, H&M and Zara are known as fast fashion brands because the time it takes for looks to go from the runway to the shelves is, well, fast. The merchandise also flies off the shelves at lightening speed, explaining why that $30 faux leather moto jacket you decided to think about was gone when you went back to the store to grab it 3 days later.

These clothes fall apart, are made from materials you’ve never heard of, and are so sheer you can see your bellybutton through them. We’ve all complained about the awful quality of Gap’s tissue paper tops or something similar, but there’s a reason these clothes are so cheap, in every sense of the word. Fashion fashion relies heavily on over seas labor in third-world countries, where children are paid cents every day to make your Forever 21 Moschino knock-off dress.

Ever since I became more aware of just how devastating the fast fashion problem is, and stopped shopping at fast fashion stores, I’ve wanted to do a post on the human rights violations executed so you can buy a $5 tank top. However, I’ve been afraid of tackling such big subject in fear of getting information wrong. Lucky for both you and I, John Oliver ran a lengthy segment on the reprehensible nature of fast fashion on Last Week Tonight. I urge you to watch the 17 minute segment below in its entirety.

John Oliver’s segment is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these issues. While it’s certainly hard as a cheap bitch to stop shopping at these stores, there are ways you can change your consumption over time. Shopping secondhand is an easy way to avoid these companies, and doing your research before you become brand loyal to a seems-to-good-to-be-true store is something I’ve started doing on the regular.

How have you cut down on shopping at fast fashion retailers? Let me know in the comments.

  • Karen

    RUDE [reusers of unloved discarded excess] rescues this fast fashion crap out of landfill and refashions it to make our political and economic fashion statement to the world. We do not shop at any of these stores and have never been in any of these stores. John Oliver’s segment is satire at its very best.

    from RUDE at http://ruderecord.wordpress.com

  • Oh how I wish more influential fashionistas like yourself would take a stand against the big business of fast fashion instead of continually providing free advertising with #ootd posts chock full of cheap (& not so cheap) unethically produced clothing & accessories. Bravo to you for helping to spread the message of sustainable, ethical style!

    Feel free to pinch info from my Ethical Style index for your future anti-fast fashion posts: http://awesomesauceasshattery.com/ethicalfashioninfo/

    • Karen

      Thanks Sheri you are awesome 🙂 from RUDE