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I Glued An Old Scarf To My Shirt And Made An Adorable Pocket

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

It’s pretty rare that I see a cute DIY project online and say to myself, “hey! I already have all of the supplies I need for this!” Most of the time, I go to Michael’s Crafts, get frustrated because everything is so GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE, and end up cutting corners or giving up entirely. THAT BEING SAID, it’s a beautiful thing when I see a project that I don’t have to spend a single cent on to make. When I saw Ashlee’s DIY vintage hankie pocket tee and said, “I should try and make a no-sew version of this!” I had an epiphany. “OMG. I ALREADY HAVE AN OLD SCARF AND A GLUE GUN. I WILL DO THIS RIGHT NOW.” In case you noticed, I’ve been pretty stressed as of late, and as a result, I’ve been talking to myself a lot. I’m pretty sure everyone in NYC think I’m just a very well dressed homeless person as I walk by mumbling to myself.

AAAAANNNYWAY… let’s get started on the how-to for this no-sew, DIY, vintage scarf statement pocket.

I started out with a scarf I’ve had since college. I believe I got it at a thrift store in Springfield, Missouri for 50 cents. I used to wear it in my hair pretty often, but my hair is so thin that it doesn’t really stay in place, and I eventually got annoyed with retying it a million times a day. And so, it collected dust in my closet. First, I ironed that bitch so it was straight as an arrow. Unlike myself, LOLZ.

diy pocket on shirt

After it was wrinkle-free, I put the scarf over the breast pocket of a pink oxford shirt I got at Housing Works for $10. The color of this shirt is bright, bright, BRIGHT – so bright that I don’t wear it very often. I figured it was a good test subject for this project.

The scarf was thin enough that I could feel and see the outline of the pocket. I used a pen to lightly trace around the edge of the pocket…not ON the edge of the pocket, but just OUTSIDE of it. If you’re following along at home, this is important. Once you’re done tracing, you’ll cut out the shape and cut off the pen marks.

To finish it off, I applied hot glue directly to the shirt on every side of the pocket and pressed the now pocket-shaped scarf bit into the glue.


When you’re tracing with the pen, start at the edge of your scarf and not in the middle. If you fuck up, you can try again with the rest of the fabric. I had to trace my pocket twice.

Some fabrics may react in a weird way with hot glue. It could discolor the fabric and leave you with an ugly shirt you don’t want to wear. Before I glued on my scarf scrap, I cut two little pieces of the scarf off and glued them together, just to see how they reacted with the glue.

diy pocket on shirt

The finished product is super cute! In this picture, I’m wearing the shirt with a red suede skirt. I think all that pink and red with my red hair is a lot of warmth, but I’m planning on wearing this shirt with a pair of my signature high-waisted black jeans and the top buttoned all the way up. That’s for it’s official real-life debut. I’d also love to try this again with a white shirt instead of a pink one, because it a whole lot of bright colors. Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out, and I think I’ll get more use out of this top now that it has a bit of DIY embellishment.

diy pocket on shirtWhat do you think of my no-sew top? Let me know in the comments.

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