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Is It Weird That I Want To Steal Kate McKinnon’s Ghostbusters Costume?

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

If you haven’t already heard that there’s going to be an all-female Ghostbusters remake, you’re living under a rock. The movie has an amazing cast, featuring arguably the most hilarious women on the planet. Last week, some of the first images from the set were released, and I was pumped to see one of my favorite female comedians, Kate McKinnon, in full spirit-stalking regalia. But after I let the look sink in for a minute, I thought…this is actually an awesome outfit, and I want to steal it.

kate mckinnon ghostbusters costume

First off, that leather jacket is on point. It definitely looks like it has a backstory. I’d like to think it came from a thrift store, or that her character found it in her grandpa’s attic. I recently found a similar one at Buffalo Exchange for a meer $20 by B.B. Dakota. It’s not quite as worn-in as Kate’s, but it’s still perfectly oversized and awesome.

kate mckinnon ghostbusters costume jacket

It’s hard to find on-trend leather jackets at thrift stores. But if you’re looking to buy one second hand, consignment stores like Crossroads Trading or Buffalo Exchange are your best bet. If you’re looking for something new, try the options under $100 below. If you buy the fringy one, please send me a photo so I can live vicariously through you.


Kate’s splatter-paint overalls reminded me that I’ve been DYING to make a cool pair of paint-covered boyfriend jeans. I’ve had this photo saved to my desktop for the past 4 months and haven’t gotten around to actually DIY-ing something similar.

kate mckinnon ghostbusters costume jeans

Making a pair of splatter-paint overalls is totally genius, and is more unique than the overdone boyfriend jeans trend. A lot of people are afraid to rock dungarees, so you can typically find a new pair of overalls on the clearance rack at most department stores.

I am ALL ABOUT the combat boots. Every winter, I buy a new pair of combat boots, and by April I’ve completely destroyed them. Since summer has finally arrived, I’m going to stock up on some cool, clearance combat boot styles while they’re cheap. All of these styles are under $50 at the moment (and I just ordered the Topshop pair):

I can’t say I’d wear those ghost-busting yellow goggles on a daily basis, but I’d definitely wear these yellow-tinted Janis Joplin glasses from Gasoline Glamour. If embellishment isn’t your thing, any old pair of Lennon-style sunnies will do.

kate mckinnon ghostbusters costume glasses

Throw all of these pieces on with a v-neck tee and you’ve got an epic, Ghostbusters inspired ensemble. I feel confident that this look is a big upgrade from the khaki jumpsuit.

kate mckinnon ghostbusters costume


  • Once again our thoughts are in tune – I have been working on my DIY paint splattered overall tutorial for the past couple of days…

  • Sarah Kendric

    I love this post so much its not even funny. Plus your Topshop boots are KILLING IT ahh I want everything in this!! Thanks for getting me inspired!

  • SlayerCommaThe

    I WANT those paint splattered jeans. The other day I say this girl walking across the street wearing a pair and I thought wow! How can I get some?!

  • danilo

    where i can buy the splatter-paint jeans?