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Can I Still Shop At Nasty Gal If They Treat Their Employees Like Shit?

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

Generally, firing people because they are pregnant, and therefor cost more to have as an employee, is considered bad and illegal. Unfortunately, Sophia Amoruso, the self-proclaimed #GIRLBOSS and founder of Nasty Gal, figured this out the hard way. Nasty Gal was recently sued for firing 3 pregnant women and 1 man planning to take paid paternity leave.



Even before the baby lawsuit, Nasty Gal’s poor corporate culture caught the attention of industry insiders. In September of 2014, Racked, sighting anonymous reviews on Glassdoor, wrote that the company suffered from “pervasive low moral,” “no employee appreciation,” and “no clearly defined goals.” As recently as May of this year, an employee lamented that the company is “a sinking ship.”

Using context clues, we can go ahead and say that ethically, Nasty Gal lives up to it’s name. Nasty.



So here’s the question…

I’m not a fan of companies that produce their clothing unethically. I don’t shop at fast stores anymore for that reason. Fast fashion stores don’t treat their employees fairly in factories overseas. Nasty Gal isn’t treating their employees fairly stateside…they’re just not paying small children pennies to manufacture their merchandise. I don’t feel comfortable giving Forever 21 my money…but should I be uncomfortable giving it to Nasty Gal as well? Because honestly I want to buy this, this, and this right now.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


  • I’m in the same mental/moral dilemma! It’s like, should I just accept the fact that all the clothing I buy made someone unhappy in the process, or should I abandon each company that does a bad thing until there’s no where left for me to shop?

    • PREEEEAAAACCCHHH also, your disqus profile pic: amazing

    • Kristinalovesthebay

      There will ALWAYS be ethical places to shop. Such a defeatist attitude is unproductive. The least you can do it TRY to avoid the obvious assholes like Nasty Gals, you may not get perfect but at least you will make some progress. No outfit is that awesome.

  • SlayerCommaThe

    It’s a hard question. With sweatshops and stuff there is the argument that “at least they have jobs” and in your case there is the fact that many people are earning money despite ” low morale” and only some are being fired unlawfully. I think I like something you mentioned in one of your other posts where you said something like : if I buy from thrift stores even if it’s a big corporate brand that underplays their employees, I can get the clothes without benefiting the companies directly. ( sorry this is pretty long) please note, that was not a quote, it was just what I enterpretted from one of your posts.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    I got to ask why the fuck are you even looking at her clothes???? I see cute shit at H&M all the time, should I compromise my ethics because I just GOTTA HAVE THAT DRESS? NO! I don’t look in the first place. I will find a million other outfits to die for and so will you. Move on to the next website. Fashionista and selfish asshole need not always be the same thing, but how sad the two so often go hand in hand. We can change this!

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    If we exchanged the few “pregnant women”with African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Transgenders etc, would you be more empathetic to thier situation? Because honestly I find it just as offensive and prejudiced. A pregnant employee should not be treated any different than anyone else. Some people get pregnant, some people have a death in the family. Some people get ill. You cannot begin to predict who will be more distracted, more expensive, less hard working. The world doesn’t work that way. It’s prejudice.