Going Braless In The Summer Is The Best

It’s Been A Very Braless Summer

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

The summer of 2016 has been the summer of no bras. When I get dressed in the morning, as a I peruse my wardrobe, the first thing I ask myself is “do I have to wear a bra with this?” If the answer is no, it’s a winner. It’s way too hot for an extra layer of tight nylon around my teetas and back. The boob sweat struggle is real.

I’m not a particularly small chested woman, so there are some specific clothing items and styles that work best for going braless. Also an integral part of this look – not giving a f**k. Let’s discuss!

If you’re reading this and wondering if I’m a bra-burning feminist who’s all like, “screw society’s standards, my nipples are not political!” Well, I definitely am! A lot of ladies (not all, shout-out to the gender non-conforming and trans girls out there livin’ their lives, heeeeey!) have boobies, and in fact, they are an integral part of nourishing the babies of the world who might someday cure cancer or something, IDK.

Also, I’m 25 now, and when I’m older and my ladies don’t look as perky, I’ll think “damn, I should have gone braless more when I was perky.”

That being said, I don’t necessarily want to invite the general public to look at my chest. An idea that conflicts a bit with writing a blog post about going braless! But put that aside for a second. When I’m walking down the street, I’d prefer not to have people stare at my chesticles. Therefor, form fitting tops that hold me securely in place, tops with structure, and tops with  details that draw attention away from my lack of support garments get the job done. For example, this off-the-shoulder blouse with a giant embroidered frill on top.


I tend to stay away from anything that isn’t built for someone with boobs when I go braless. Take for example, unisex graphic tees or men’s dress shirts. Some women’s dress shirts work because they’re more structured, but anything that’s supposed to look baggy and shapeless really screams “no bra today, folks.” That being said, do your thing! Maybe that’s the look you’re going for. More power to you.

Need some more braless inspiration? Take it from some of these fashion bloggers…

Leandra Medine, style icon of all the weirdos out there, rocks a form fitting top and I’m just assuming she’s got no bra on.

Aimee Song goes against my advice of not wearing menswear style tops without a bra, but she’s rocking it.


Danielle of We Wore What wears a dress that’s obviously made for bralessness.



  • FairLady

    My 34DDs actually look perkier and rounder as I age, so not having the confidence to go bra less when I was younger is not a problem for ME. I look about thirty years younger than I am so going braless is something that I love to do now. And my husband loves it.